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Wings Of Fire

Published on Dec 01, 2016

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Wings Of Fire

By Tui T. Sutherland Published: 2012

Once there was a group of dragons who were picked to fulfill a prophecy that would end the war. The dragons were hidden and never saw the outside world until now. Clay and his friends were set out to go on a adventure that would cause decisions between fate and freedom which sets up problems that they never had predicted.

Photo by Windgeist

Clay the Mudwing
Mudwings are armored with brown scales and have large, flat heads. They can breathe fire and blend into mud puddles. Mudwings are currently allied with Burn and the Skywings in the war.

Photo by Jan Tik

Tsunami the Seawing
Seawings have blue, green, or aquamarine scales with webs between claws, gills on their necks, and glow in the dark stripes. They can breathe underwater see in the dark, and can create huge waves with their tail.

Photo by Mario Spann

Starflight the Nightwing
Nightwings have purple/black scales and forked black tongues. Nightwings can breathe fire, disappear in the dark, read minds, and foretell the future. They are NOT part of the war because they are too powerful and mysterious.

Photo by Aztlek

Glory the Rainwing
Rainwings can constantly shift the colors of their scales to blend into their surroundings and they have tails for climbing. The are NOT involved with the war

Photo by BBluesman

Sunny the Sandwing
Sandwings have pale gold or white scales which are the colors of the desert. They can bury under the sand as camouflage and use their barbed tail to poison enemies. They can either be Blister, Blaze, or Burn.

Photo by javika

I liked this book it had a lot of action and adventure. I would recommend this book because it is full of excitement and will convince others that anything is possible.

Please Read the Wings of Fire series! I think you'll enjoy them.

*Warning these books involve violence 
Photo by vistamommy