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As social media continues to mash content, search and experience for profit web marketers need to adopt tactics from the non-profit Wiki-pedia.

This Haiku Deck from team Curagami is about the Wiki-ization of Marketing.

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Wiki-ization Of Marketing

Published on Nov 06, 2015

As social media changes the web marketers need to inspire the kind of commitment, support and contribution made popular by Wiki-pedia - the Wiki-ization of Marketing.



Marketing Moves From brands to communities
As social media continues to mash content, search and experience for profit web marketers need to adopt tactics from the non-profit Wiki-pedia.

This Haiku Deck from team Curagami is about the Wiki-ization of Marketing.

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  • Web Marketing = Sand Castles web's "beach".
  • Networks = Metcalfe's Law.
  • Content - Create, Curate, Mashup.
  • Social Media - Game Changer.
  • Social + Mobile = BOOM.
Wiki-izaton of Marketing

Web Marketing
Social Media

Web Marketing

Sandcastles on beach tide always coming in.
Web Marketing
Web Marketing may be the most fleeting marketing ever created. The need for NEW, MORE and BETTER never slows down.

Social and Mobile marketing are working together to accelerate trends we see but don't fully understand such as:

* How social conversations change search.
* How social media and conversations change ecommerce.
* How social media, mobile and local change content marketing.

Today's Web Marketing

  • Need: army of brand Sherpas (advocates).
  • Need: User Generated Content UGC.
  • Multi-author, Multi-thread.
  • Give 1% Contributors MISSIONS.
  • Need User Generated Content on YOUR website.
Web Marketing
WEB is an appropriate term since marketers find their roles shifting from creation to curation and from creative to collaborative.

No one climbs marketing's new Mt. Everest alone. Marketers need to recruit and empower an army of "brand advocates" or "brand Sherpas" willing to contribute meaningful feedback, social shares and loyalty.

Marketing's function moves to winning hearts and minds and then empowering an army to help scale the win out to friends and then empowering those friends to tell their friends (people NOT inside the marketer's current tribe).
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People don't BUY brands they JOIN them
No one joins a club they don't feel invited to join. Create ASKS for different tribes.

"Like me" tribes create trust, comfort and connection with advocates and then friends of theirs (friends of friends).

Marketers must create content with enough authenticity and authority to gain Ambassadors, but the "new" goal is to hand the website's keys over to Ambassadors as soon as possible.

The more THEY help the better off your website and marketing is.
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Is Your brand easy to join? Do You Empower advocates w/ tools?
Web Marketing
Web Marketing may be the most fleeting marketing ever created. The need for NEW, MORE and BETTER never slows down.

Social and Mobile trends are working together to accelerate trends we don't fully understand yet such as:

* How social conversations change search.
* How social media and conversations change ecommerce.
* How social media, mobile and local change content marketing.
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Need: User Generated Content (UGC)
User Generated Content
UGC is the gold of the new web. Gold because its rare (demand far exceeds supply), hard to find and likely to increase in value once found and plugged into your site.

Remember the 1:9:90 Rule:

1% of visitors will CONTRIBUTE content.

9% will support a site's content by voting & sahring.

90% READ and act as traffic generators (very important but harder to see and engage).
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UGC Important because

  • UGC = generates social shares.
  • Lowers content creation costs.
  • Hear voice of customers & see their keywords.
  • Friends of Friends = they advocate you to tfriends.
  • Curate UGC = "Digital Listening".
User Generated Content
UGC is important. Most customers will support YOU use of their content with social shares. When users support their content with social shares across their social nets friends of friends marketing is possible.

A friend's recommendation or share is an endorsement from a trusted source. When your marketing speaks to THEIR friends your message is trusted and supported.

UGC also shows other potential contributors that contribution is valued, that you are listening "digitally" and valuing what you hear.


Many authors contribute content
HuffPost, Mashable and TechCrunch "hire" an army of contributors usually "paid" with social shares and links. This wide but shallow network creates a flexible NEWS layer valuing NEWS more than evergreen content and focused on the constant ROIL of information, curators, contributors and authors.
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contributions across many subjects.
Great curators such as Maria Popova at BrainPickings prove the value of casing a very wide content net combined with a curator's see the common thread, share the thread, explain the thread.

We call this idea "curation collisions" because a strong juxtaposition is at the core. Find the seemingly disparate content, explain the common thread and you are more likely to have a unique "purple cow" capable of generating an increasing number of social shares.

Once a content environment becomes so adept it creates a powerful Unique Attention Proposition (why allegiance will be given to content networks with smart curators).
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Website visitors

  • 1% Contributors = share valuable content.
  • 9% Supporters = support content from 1%, site.
  • 90% Readers = consumer content, provide traffic.
  • Each group important.
  • %s can vary based on SMM, gamification.
1 9 90 Rule
This rule explains the balance of visitor types. Each group:

1% Contributors
9% Supporters
90% Readers

supports the other two and each group brings value.
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Elevate 1% Contributors =part of "team"
1% are so valuable they should be tied to your brand, company or website with a "virtual job". Defined a clear set of needs and then employ "power contributors" to help.

Be careful about how you pay. If, like editors at Wiki-pedia, your tribe wants to SUPPORT you as a cause rewards should be more social than material.

Read Pink's book DRIVE to understand how to match your compensation to your contributors. DRIVE includes many examples of the high cost of getting this idea wrong.
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Give 1% Contributors Defined roles
Give 1% defined "jobs" even if you "pay" with social badges. The more defined you are about expectations, tenure, contribution expectations the more valuable your network will become.
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Create friendly skill based competitions
Joining your tribe of 1% should be seen as a special and hard won benefit. Once part of an elite tribe be sure to gamify your environment so competition is ever-present but not exhaustive or defeating.

Scoop.it's My Community is a great example of how to gamify. When they started I could see the top curators on Scoop.it. The net effect of seeing curators so far ahead of me was I didn't feel motivated to compete.

Once they changed what I saw in My Community to ONLY those immediately above and below me the race was on. Be careful about how you use leadrboards and feedback to motivate since it can do the opposite.
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Metcalfe's Law: Value = Members Squared.
Metcalfe's Law
Value of a telecommunications network is square its members. A good yardstick to use for SMM networks.

social nets

Competition between social nets.
Voting = Social Net Competition
When someone wants to win they will ask their friends for help. When someone asks their friends for help they bring friends of friends to your marketing.

As a marketer you have NO direct view into the circle of potential customers called "friends of friends". You may have been able to reach this circle of "new to file" customers in the past with advertising.

The death of push advertising means your best way to recruit friends of friends is do something your customers want to share. Competitions for meaningful social or monetary prizes are great examples of "friends of friends" marketing.
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New to File, Friends, Friends of Friends
The key to reaching Friends of Friends is motivated those within your immediate "circle of influence". Competitions, causes, curating THEIR content on YOUR website are examples of ways to motivate your customer to reach out to their friends.


Realize potential within networks.
Unrealized Networks
Most of us, businesses and people, have a vast "unrealized" network. Unrealized because our interactions are minimal, communication sparse and value limited.

Ever noticed how LinkedIn tells you the reach they create? They will say how many people are in you immediate network and then the immediate network created by your connections and then finally friends of friends. You don't have to have many LI connections to have those numbers look BIG and tantalizing.

The trick is finding ways to realize the potential inside your currently unrealized network.
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realized networks Include...

  • Peer to Peer communication.
  • Member to sponsor communication.
  • Curates & shares member content.
  • Members earn social status.
  • Members follow or reward peers.
Realized Networks
This slide discusses ways to begin to realize the hidden POWER inside your network. Get people within your net talking peer to peer. Ever notice how one of the most powerful things you can do is share contact?

When you share a contact you impact two people's social nets. If they repay your help with mentions and a similar share you are realizing the hidden power within your net.
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Self sustaining Self supporting networks
Virtual Nets
The ideal is create systems that, much like a perpetual motion machine, use the output from one social net to powering the turbine of another and so on to infinity.

The more wheels that turn with less effort from you the more your network's hidden power is being "realized" and the more self sustaining and profitable your marketing becomes.
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Create, Curate, Mashup
Content Marketing
Content, after all of Google's algorithm changes, is truly KING. Context is Queen and its important to understand both if your website wants to keep its head on its shoulders.
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Authoritative Content = ability to ask for content
Your Content
You MUST create great content and lots of it. If your website is content thin it can't scale, won't have legitimacy and you won't be able to make the most important ASK any website makes - the request for User Generated Content.
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Ask for User Generated Content & Value It
If you have great content with a trusted voice you can ASK your visitors to contribute content. Can't ASK without legitimacy. Legitimacy comes from:

* Other "like me" contributors.
* How UGC is valued, rewarded and used by the website that receives it.
* How the environment is kept clean, troll-free and regulated (preferably by the community but those tools need to be clearly present and a "code of conduct" needs o exist).

If you aren't getting UGC take a hard look at the environment of your ASK.


THEIR content on YOUR website = engagement 
The more I do this, Internet marketing, the more convinced I become that the most powerful content on YOUR website comes from THEM (your visitors).

Sharing THEIR content is a huge WIN for them, a win they are likely to support by alerting their social nets to your share (of their content).

BANG just that fast you, your brand and company moves from the known (the customer doing the sharing) to the unknown (friends of friends who don't know you directly). if there is better "advertising" than the WOM (word-of-mouth) of a friend share I don't know what it is.

Social badges

levels of Social Kudos = value UGC
Social Badges
I like badges for lots of reasons such as:

* Easy to make a widget and that puts creative control with YOU (the site awarding the badge).
* Social media is SOCIAL and one of the things people like to do is CROW a little to friends and family. Badges help.
* Badges create a clear ladder or "level up" process.

Video game creators are the masters of tactics like leveling up, creating just the right amount of challenge and reward and using the tribe to create social rewards and/or punishments.
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social media

Game Changer
Social Media
Game Changer
We have NO IDEA the scope and sweep of how social media marketing is changing ALL OTHER MARKETING, but be sure your
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Social Media

  • Collaboration becomes expected norm.
  • Connection is entertainment.
  • No "passive consumption".
  • Q&A Social Media = Powerful.
  • Gamification = engagement over time.
Social Media
What is the net impact of more collaboration with more people from more places? I have no idea, but it is clear that social media is changing how we use the web.

The more social a person is the bigger their "curator" network becomes. I use Google much less now because an army of friends are watching content and nice enough to alert me when they see something they know I would want to read GIVEN the themes of content they know I manage, share and curate.
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Social Media is a CONVERSATION.
I created another Haiku Deck about how social media is SOCIAL. Strange that such an obvious idea would need stating, but, based on the way many companies, brands and people use social media we may need a million more repeats:

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Social Media conversations

  • As we talk more we (customers) search less.
  • Social presence = peer support nets.
  • Support nets act as content watchers.
  • Content watchers = distributed curator nets.
  • Curator nets lower costs increase reach.

Social + mobile

Fuel on FIRE of change
Mobile is the gasoline on the social media and content marketing fire.
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Social + Mobile

  • Ubiquitous Always On networks.
  • Always reachable (SMS in mtgs, movies).
  • Social as CONVERSATION. 
  • Individual networks Grow = advocates have more reach. 
  • Mobile First = responsive content, device agnostic.  
Mobile creates connection where there wasn't connection before so...

* Free time is all but over.
* We look for the phone to entertain us in lines and at other former "down times".
* The phone is a "game console". No mistake that mobile games are the fastest growing content on earth.
* There are more phones than people.
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Wiki-ization Summary

  • Marketing = must win hearts & minds.
  • Networks = realized vs. unrealized.
  • Content = Ask for UGC & Value It.  
  • Mobile = Change Accelerant.
  • Each trend strengthening each other.
Web marketers need to take a page out of Wiki-pedia's book. How can we inspire the kind of sacrifice, loyalty and commitment? How can we create an online environment where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Hope this Haiku Deck shares the coming wiki-ization of marketing, the web, everything :).
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