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Why+How of Tech Integration

Published on Sep 01, 2018

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Why+How of Tech Integration

By Clara Murphy
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Why integrate tech?

  • It helps differentiate instruction (my students range from 2nd-12th grade level in reading)
  • My students range from 2nd-12th grade level in reading, this would help everyone learn
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Why integrate tech?

  • It develops skills students will need for the 21st Century
  • My students don't have access to technology at home, they need to learn the language of technology in order to be successful in life
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Why integrate tech?

  • Power to the people!
  • My students will be able to create art, poetry, graphic design, radio shows, data and MORE
  • They will have increased autonomy and freedom in expressing their thoughts
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SAMR Model

  • Situational- First, technology takes the place of something- like google docs taking the place of paper worksheets
  • Augmentation- Technology is used and improves something in the classroom. Students can create diagrams on google docs to organize their notes

SAMR Model

  • Modification- learning is modified, students can read and comment on each others notes
  • Redefinition- students create their own worksheets on google docs to take notes, remember materials and study. Students create a shared folder of materials that others may find useful

SAMR Takeaway

  • Technology in the classroom doesn't happen overnight
  • Students, teacher and class structure will have to transition together in order to truly improve learning
  • IT WILL TAKE TIME and there WILL be setbacks- the transition to redefanition will not happen overnight and may be challenging

Reflection- Awkward

  • My students lack basic technology skills because many of them lack access to computers at home
  • Before SAMR can work, I need to teach students basic skills like typing, copy paste, opening tabs, etc
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Reflection- Meaningful

  • Because my students lack technology at home, this would be their chance to increase technological literacy
  • My students must have a basic understanding of technology to have high paying jobs, although it would be a struggle to get them there, ultimately their advanced usage of technology would significantly impact their lives in a positive way
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