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Why Lobsters Aren't Food by Dave Barry

Published on Nov 27, 2015

A series of images to accompany the humorous essay "Why Lobsters Aren't Food" by Dave Barry.


Why Lobsters Aren't Food

by Dave Barry

Are Lobsters just

really big insects?
Photo by diroussel

Giant Madagascar

hissing cockroach

William Howard Taft

(US President)

No. They would run...

...they would not put on silly bibs...

Lawsuit CenteR

...to the All-Nite Drive-Thru
Photo by tommaync

Lobster Pet

Does not respond to the command, "Here, boy."
Photo by aquiggle


State Motto: Cold, but damp.
Photo by subadei

Untitled Slide

Photo by Dan4th

smiled happily at me...

...my gracious hosts
Photo by cybaea

to lobsters...

...gene links spiders and flies

Howard Stern

(Controversial, often inappropriate, radio host.)

Symbion PandorA

Untitled Slide

Untitled Slide

Photo by stu_spivack

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Photo by swanksalot