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What Quebec Wants

Published on Oct 01, 2018

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What Quebec Wants

Ana Vanson


simplify nutritional facts

How is quebec different

  • people in Quebec would rather not see all the nutritional facts rather than just a few

how does the rest of canada feel

  • most of canada is on the same page that the label is too crowded

How does this effect marketers

  • when marketing food in quebec they can leave out the nutritional facts

What Quebec Wants

Ana Vanson

Article topic

How quebec loves tintin

How is quebec different

  • the film tintin was loved in quebec so much that they got special promotions like cearels

How does the rest of canada see this

  • the rest of canada preferred other films to tintin

How can marketers learn

  • by marketing tintin related products to the people of quebec their sales will probably increase