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Westward Expansion

Published on Nov 05, 2015

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American believed they had a God-given mission to extend their system of democracy. American hoped to establish a democratic republic that reached to the Pacific, which would serve as an example to the world.
Because, it's relating to the social life in the world.

Many Americas believed their future prosperity depended on the land and wealth to be gained from westward expansion. The success of farmers in Texas and the discovery of gold in California encouraged this belief.
Because, it deals with wealth and money.

The pioneer spirit was seen as the perfect expression of American individualism. Americans admired the rugged pioneers who advanced into Texas, Oregon, California and the southwest.
Because, it says that the pioneers were a success in farming.

There was a desire to spread religious beliefs to the people of the West and to find religious freedom to escape persecution in the East.
Because, it deals with the social life in that time

There was a desire for American businesses to open up more markets to sell their goods to other countries. This could be done in the West, and ultimately with countries in the u.s.
Because it deals with money

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Farmers were interested in expanding into the west to farm. Many farmers used slaves, so slavery was expected to expand into the west. The use of slavery caused tension between the north and the south.
Because, it deals with the economy being not as wealthy.

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Occupying the middle of the continent from coast to coast would discourage threats from rival powers like England, Spain, or Russia.
Because it deals with the social life in the cities.

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There was the desire the reduce overcrowding in the cities.
Because it deals with social life.

Businesses wanted more markets for American goods, with more land more business could grow, and more natural resources could be used.
Because it deals with economics.