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Welcome to Third Space

Published on Nov 18, 2015

Third Space is a project for students going away on their third-year abroad.


Welcome to Third Space

Reflect, engage, & share culture
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Why is Third Space important?
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Students preparing for their third-year abroad


Activities which make up Third Space

Bon Voyage retreat

Weekend of 19/20 April


A collection of activities to engage, reflect, & share experiences
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  • Activities created by academics
  • AIm to engage, reflect upon, share experiences
  • Submit online on blog and/or in workbook
  • See website for sample activities
  • Student feedback on online submissions to blog

Welcome Home Conference

Share your story together and to others
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Edinburgh Award

It will go on your transcript.
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What we need from you

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  • Attend Retreat and Conference
  • Complete workbook activities online/yourself
  • Complete three Edinburgh Award submissions
  • 50 hours of engagement with Third Space
  • Support one another!

What's next?

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  • Ask questions.
  • Apply through website by 14th March.
  • You will hear back within a week.
  • Put 19/20 April in your diary.
  • Enjoy the ride.