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WCSevilha: Ideas for Customer Support Success

Published on Apr 28, 2016

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Ideas for Customer Support Success

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Years ago customers had no choice!

No choice

  • Where to buy
  • From who to buy
  • Even what to buy!

The real competitive advantage?

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How you treat your customers!

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Probability of Selling

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"It takes 12 positive experiences to make up for one unresolved negative experience"

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The few who complain..

  • "For every customer who bothers to complain, 26 other customers remain silent."
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News travels fast..

  • "News of bad customer service reaches more than twice as many ears as praise for a good service experience"
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Clients spend more..

  • "7 in 10 Americans said they were willing to spend more with companies they believe provide excellent customer service"
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The Best Level Of Support

  • Make it a priority!
  • Understand it is a real competitive advantage
  • Train and establish team guidelines

Support Channel

  • Have a single support channel where you funnel all requests
  • Let your clients know that support is available and encourage them to use it!
  • In WidgiLabs we use Freshdesk

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Training How To

  • Small team: organize internal events and simulate taking requests in via phone and e-mail to establish guidelines
  • Bigger team: Ask your existing support team to help with on-boarding new peers and bring them up to speed


  • Be proud of your support service and team
  • Support the growth of your collegues
  • Support and maintain a positive and energetic workplace culture
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  • Small but agile (5-8)
  • Deals with every issue
  • Smart but humble
  • Psychology trumps skill
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Great Service = Marketing

  • If you provide great service people will talk about you and your business
  • If you provide great service to someone it will create a lasting memory (simply because everyone else is not doing it!)

Great Service = Marketing

  • Your support is your brand
  • Ask for a testimonial after a successful resolution

What Support is Really About

  • Learning how to understand, anticipate and consistently fulfill the deepest needs of your clients
  • Overcoming Obstacles
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Reporting Metrics

  • While speed is certainly important, it is generally not a customer’s biggest concern
  • Research makes a strong argument that spending a little more time with customers is the way to go
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When Speed Kills

  • "What builds a stronger tie [..] may not be whether a customer receives a sandwich in less than three minutes. Speed won't compensate for a cold, tasteless sandwich or for rude and incompetent service."
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Support Profile

  • People that like people
  • How do they learn? Are they "readers" or "listeners"?
  • How do they learn?
  • Should software engineers also act as tech support?
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Engineers as tech support?

  • Interruption factor
  • Not everyone is good at support
  • Inefficient use of resources
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Limited Liability

  • "We're not responsible for any caused damage by the intervention of our techs"

Personal Committement

  • "You have my word it will get done"
  • "I will see it personally that you have this situation fixed asap"
  • "I will personally take care of your account"

Andy McMillan

  • Had his PayPal account locked
  • Had £40,000 "freezed"
  • Contacted customer support and they said "we will not be releasing any funds"
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..decided to tweet about it to see if the Internet had any ideas of how to help..

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David Marcus, PayPal CEO at the time reached out personally to Andy!

Key Points

  • Make it personal
  • Solve the issue quickly
  • Genuinely care!
  • Take it as feedback and improve!
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Book References

  • Delivering Happiness
  • Simple Truths of Service
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How can you go beyond what is expected?

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