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Walt Whitman

Published on Nov 20, 2015

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Walt Whitman

"America's World poet"

about Whitman's life

  • Whitman was influenced greatly by the writer, Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • He was a part of the transcendentalism movement, a time of philosophy and idealism
  • He strayed from the classic works and wrote about topics that others were afarid of
  • Much like his different thoughts, he wrote his poems differently, becoming the "Father of FreeVerse"
  • He spent his life writing "Leaves of Grass", a collection of poems

Life continued

  • These poems revealed his exotic thoughts through sexuality
  • Emerson praised it calling it an "extraordinary piece of wit and wisdom"
  • This helped attract attention some but most people saw it as peromiscuous

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Whitman in the Civil War

  • Whitman actively served as a nurse in makeshift hospitals in DC
  • "help cheer and change a little the monotony of their sickness"
  • known to scribble in makeshift notebooks at the hospitals
  • Wrote "Drum Taps" which was a thorough psychological exam of the war
  • After Lincoln's assassination, he wrote a collection of elegies as a sequel

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Figurative Language

  • extened metaphor
  • no fixed meter
  • rhyme scheme aabb dcdc
  • juxtaposition with opening couplet & following lines
  • repetition with "captain" and "heart"