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Wada Farms

Published on Nov 18, 2015

70+ year history of pride, excellence and respect - and an obsession for providing things of intrinsic value to our consumers and partners.


Wada Farms

Our Story

Founded by Frank Wada

frank & agnes farmed in San Clemente, CA

pearl harbor attack - December 7, 1941

Packed belongings into their farm truck

avoid Japanese american internment camps

Frank & agnes relocate to pingree, idaho

Photo by mod as hell

first potato crop planted spring of 43'

planting potatoes & family roots

"grow where planted"

wada farms, established in 1943

frank retired in 1972 with 400 acres

albert bought the farm from his father

grows potato farming operation

builds successful agribusiness

3rd generation family company


Idaho-based agribusiness

farming 29,500 irrigated acres each year

across 6 growing regions in idaho

Pingree headquarters

Pingree headquarters

Fort Hall

Fort Hall

rising river

rising river

Morgan's pasture

Morgan's pasture

american falls

american falls

michaud wheat grass

michaud wheat grass

long time employees & partners

fully integrated grower





potato piling

more potato piling

potato storage

idaho & regional russet potatoes

red & gold round potatoes

specialty & organic potatoes

rotational grains & crops

rotational grains & crops

rotational grains & crops

rotational grains & crops

rotational grains & crops

grain storage



idahoan foods owner


wada Farms potatoes - pingree, id



consumer bagging area


wada farms label bags

wada farms label cartons

value-added & Round potato lines

robotic automation

shipping floor

shipping office

stained glass in conference room

fish pond & park

sales & Marketing

wada farms marketing group - idaho falls

fresh potatoes, onions & sweet potatoes

exclusive marketer of dole fresh

leading supplier of fresh potatoes in u.s.

exclusive idaho marketing co-packers

year-round supplier of onions

year-round supplier of sweet potatoes

sweet potato office in raleigh, nc

all varieties, sizes, labels & pack styles

category partners, llc

wfm logistics, llc

fusion tms, llc

trade ads - print & digital

produce trade shows

media relations

digital & social

product promotions

new product innovation

industry associations




Reality tv show fun

pride in excellence