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Published on Nov 03, 2016

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Journey of John Eisenhower

John grew up in the poor area of South Chicago, with two younger siblings.

John and his younger siblings were abandoned by their parents because their parents didn't have money.

Age of 10, John started the business by selling gums or candy at the street.

John wanted to become an architect but it wasn't possible because John has lost his both of his arms due to no money to cure.

However, he never gave up. John would always wake up in the early morning to earn money to support his younger siblings and whenever he had time, he would always draw the buildings around him.

John taught himself how to draw with his mouth and his legs.

John was a humble man, who was always thankful for every single little thing.

The CEO of Seo Architecture saw John and wanted to hire him to her company. Because she was inspired by him.

John's emptiness of his parent and money or loneliness and hopeless never ever botherd him.

Unlike any other people who had everything they desired, John was the happiest man in the world. He is the success man.