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Vocabulary Unit 4

Published on Nov 21, 2015

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  • (a kwit') v. To declare someone not guilty, or to take away a penalty
  • acquit is to exonerate as convict is to guilty
  • The man was charged with robbery, but he was found not guilty
  • and acquitted of all the charges.


  • (Dev' e stāt) v. To destroy or demolish, to leave in a waste land.
  • Devastate is to develop as wreck is to improve
  • When countries are at war, it can devastate an economy.
Photo by The U.S. Army


  • (ē lü' siv) adj. Difficult to understand or grasp, hard to explain
  • Elusive is to wily as baffling is to slippery
  • The math problem was too elusive for the kid to solve.


  • (i' dol īz) v. To worship a statue or figure; a person that is loved greatly.
  • Idolize is to adore as despise is to disdain
  • Native americans idolize many gods.


  • (kēp sāk) n. A special token or reminder
  • Keepsake is to reminder as memento is to souvenir.
  • My grandma's necklace is a special keepsake in our family.


  • (ō vā' shen) n. an enthusiastic way of showing appreciation or applause.
  • Ovation is to hurrahs as boos is to jeers.
  • After Buster Posey hit a home run the crowd gave him a standing ovation.


  • (plīt) n. A poor condition or state V. to solemnly vow
  • Plight is to predicament as vow is to pledge
  • Many animals are in plight conditions in the world.
  • The president had to plight to be in office.


  • (rev' e rē) n. To be lost in a fantasy
  • Reverie is to fantasy as meditation is to daydream
  • The child goes into a reverie often during class.


  • (skan) v. To skim thoroughly, to analyze the rhythm poem
  • N. a quick exam
  • Scan is to glance at as study is to survey
  • My mom wants to scan the grocery list before going to the store.
  • During my physical, my doctor gave me an eye exam.


  • (strīf) n. a quarrel or fight
  • Strife is to turmoil as peace is to agreement
  • The kids at school had a bitter strife.