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Published on Nov 21, 2015

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Powerful nation the world divide into politically states and their satellites

United Nations

A international organization found in 1945 is to bring peace, security and cooperation in this world nations.

Iron Curtain

Barrier divide Easter and Western Europe during the Cold War


U.S. attempting to restrict soviet power and influence the world by preventing the spread of communism

Marshall Plan

U.S. Plan designed to promote economic recovery after WW 2

Warsaw Pact

1955 defense pact between the USSR and Eastern Europe nations

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Arms Race
Competition to achieve weapons.

Cultural Revolution

Revolutionary period upheaval and political persecution in China in 1966 to 1976

Korean War

1950 a war between N and S Korea it was involve with the soviet and Chinese support for the the North and U.S.

Viet Cong

Communist insurgents in South Vietnam

Vietnam War

War between N and S Vietnam from the 1950s to 1975l

Domino Theory
Relief that Vietnam fell into communist, Asia did also

Covert Action

A Political economic, military operation by the government to support foreign policy objective.


The resting of the Cold War tensions and hostility between East and rest in the 1970s


Policy weapons arsenal that are deadly no other nation will attack

It change the world a lot because the world had to race to see who has the best technology and weapons. And it also change by nations trying to get together with other nations thinking if something happens there will be a nuclear war.