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Vienna SC

Published on Nov 18, 2015

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Smart City

Walking is the best mobility:
2015 is
the year of the foot
in Vienna

Photo by eliduke

You can also use a citybike,
a faxi (bike taxi) or a green taxi
to move around

51% of the city
is green

A green oasis:
Vienna's Prater is one of the largest city parks in Europe

If you are thirsty,
just turn on
the tap
to enjoy
fresh spring water
from the Austrian Alps

Photo by Ricky Romero

The city is the biggest bioproducer
of fruits and vegetables
in Austria

A lot of restaurants and cafés offer vegetarian or vegan menus and sustainable, organic meals

The city's clean air and climate protection plan aims at a significant reduction of the carbon footprint

The Spittelau waste incineration plant,
with its colourful façade designed by eco-architect Hundertwasser,
is an example of a
waste-to-energy process