Video & Image Annotation in the Classroom

Published on Nov 18, 2016

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Video & Image Annotation in the Classroom

 Vialogues and NowComment
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Vialogues is a free tool for easily and simply adding comments to videos.

This tool solves a problem I was having for a long time as a teacher: how can I 'close read' videos with students and colleagues like we do with text.

Vialogues allows us to do this.
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annotate this?

Link to Video:

I want students to watch this slowly and closely. I want them to think along with the creators. I want them to extend the idea of close reading from text to video.

Absolutely necessary that our students become media literate. This might help go a long way toward doing that.

Here is a screenshot of the YouTube video that I submitted to the class for their close reading and then in-class discussion.


One of the best features about NowComment is that it is teacher friendly. In this particular example


I added a few elements (a YouTube video and an introductory online photography course) to begin to round out a proto-lesson plan on vanishing point and artistic choices in photography.

NowComment has the capacity to be a "course in a box".

Create a vialogue

Screencast on How-To

Link to Video:

A five minute video on creating a Vialogue. Join me at Vialogues as we work together reading Mr. Rogers: