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By:Jessamyn Zumwalt...

Weather on it's Surface...

The weather on Venus is hot and harsh. It is usually at 800 degrees bellow roaring thunder and acid clouds.

Unmanned Missions
to Venus...

Unfortunately we have never been to Venus. We know what to do when we get there we just need to figure out how.

Photo by Monceau


Venus does not have any moons. Though if it did then it might lower the 800 degree weather on the surface of this planet. Probably not by much though since Venus is the closest planet to the sun.

Photo by shish0r

41 Ari

The 41 Ari (or the 41 Arietis) is part of a constellation called Aries. This star is 165.63 light years away. This star's color is a hot blue white class meaning it's very light blue mixed with white. The Aries constellation is also a zodiac sign. The Aries constellation represents a Rams' horn.

What is it made out of?

Venus has a iron core and mantle. It is 96% carbon dioxide and 3% nitrogen with other gassed mixed in.

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