Using Slack

Published on Jan 31, 2020

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Using Slack

Rules and Expectations
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Be Responsible and Respectful

  • Be polite – Post only appropriate comments, audio and video
  • Be thoughtful – Post only after you have unemotionally reread your comments
  • Be a good digital citizen – Post critical comments about topics, not about peers (bullying, harassment, intimidation will not be tolerated)

Be Responsible and Respectful

  • Be safe – Don’t post any personal ID data (address, credit card info, cell number, etc.)
  • Be yourself – Post your thoughts/feelings/work, not someone else’s

Be Vocal, Be Heard, Participate

  • Don’t wait for the perfect moment to jump in -- When you have something to express, post it

Be Relevant

  • Posts should align with Channel/Thread topic
  • Don’t post personal/social comments/audio/video

Be Concise

  • Keep posts and replies short and to the point

Be Complimentary

  • If you agree with others, compliment their good work – everyone loves getting support
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Be Discrete (sometimes)

  • Some conversations are better had through DM than in Channels
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