Using Haiku Deck for My TEDx Talk

Published on Nov 18, 2015

I recently gave a TEDx Talk entitled: "We Are Alive" at TEDxSBU in New York. I used Haiku Deck to create slides in anticipation of the event, and then went to Flickr to retrieve the actual Creative Commons images from the slides, added a Haiku Deck-looking template to PowerPoint, and developed a deck for my 1080 HD presentation. I delivered the talk, and it is available online at:

This is my (much simplified) method of creating slides for a TED Talk using Haiku Deck!


Haiku Deck @TED

How I used Haiku Deck to make beautiful slides for my TEDx Talk


"We Are Alive" TEDx Talk — Kent Gustavson 

simplified my message

I condensed my speech into simple statements

Incredible Images

I used the picture search feature to find stunning images

Exported my deck

Then I exported my Haiku Deck as a PDF
Photo by _chris_st

Found my citations

I used the PDF to find the sources of the images

Downloaded images

I downloaded the source images for each file

Made Powerpoint Template

I created a PowerPoint template echoing Haiku Deck

Put everything together

I put together pictures, text and citations

Delivered TED Talk

I handed over my slides and delivered my talk

We Are Alive — #tedxsbu

Watch it now on YouTube: 

Thank you Haiku Deck!

I really love this software, and can't wait to use it again :)
Photo by greekadman