Uruguay Tourism

Published on Nov 18, 2015

Second smallest country in South America after Suriname, Uruguay is a marvel to discover. Progressive, stable, safe, friendly and culturally sophisticated, it has all the ingredients for a superb South America vacation as well as for overseas retirement.


puertito and rainbow - punta del este

rain over punta del este forests

sunset on the pier / montevideo

agitated sea / montevideo

gongs playing under a super moon

evening blues / montevideo

cerro pan de azucar - piriapolis

frigate at maldonado bay


Image Copyright: Vince Alongi - https://www.flickr.com/photos/vincealongi/

full moon over la barra - punta del este

colonia's lighthouse - colonia del sacramento

montevideo's carnival

dancing seagulls - punta del este / maldonado

maldonado creek / arroyo maldonado

under street lights - punta del este / maldonado

las llamadas / the calls - montevideo's carnival

laguna de las lavanderas

piriapolis sunset

the hand - playa brava / punta del este

punta de la salina

piria castle garden - piriapolis

valizas - cabo polonio

anaconda beach - la paloma / rocha

la paloma beach - rocha department

summer 2014 - punta del este

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