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Upcycling - by ThriftySustainability.net

Published on Mar 03, 2016

A Thrifty Sustainability guide: Upcycling - reuse, repurose and make the most of your rubish! Visit ThriftySustainability.net for more inspiration to live a thrifty and sustainable lifestyle.



Reuse, repurpose & make the most of your rubbish

Repurpose wooden pallets to make shelving

Photo by ©HTO3

Turn old clothes into cushions

Photo by davis.jacque

Turn an old teacup into a candle gift

Photo by ecram1

Turn three t-shirts into a dress

Photo by KristinaJ.

Circuit board makes excellent jewellery

Photo by B_Zedan

Paint an emplty wine bottle with blackboard paint

Photo by winestyr

Weave old cartons to make a shopping bag

Repurpose tyres - create planting tubs

Reuse jam and coffee jars - make jammy gifts

Photo by H is for Home

Make unique seasonal decorations - hi Frosty! 

Glass bottle reused as outdoors light shade

Reuse packaging to create a herb garden

Jam jars as garden tealight holders

Photo by noisy__nisroc

Scarecrows to keep the birds off your veg patch

Add a little intrigue to your USB stick

Reuse glass bottles - fill them with homebrew!

Photo by Kris Krug

Make amazing art in a public space

Photo by Rishu83

Pimp your ride... to cheer people up!

Photo by macinate

Make something beautiful out of rubbish

Photo by farlane