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Unexpected Visitor Part Three

Published on Feb 07, 2023

All sorts of ideas were popping up in my mind and I started to formulate a plan in my head as to how we just might be able to achieve this wish. Eventually though, I did nod off to sleep and the next thing I knew the alarm was waking me from a deep slumber. I climbed out of bed and began the daily routine of preparing for the day ahead. Once again, even though it was only 6am, I found Brett on the veranda relaxing in the morning sunshine. He gave me a big smile as I appeared and said that he had woken early after a good sleep. After breakfast, I went to my office to check the details of some future work that was booked in. My job as a fencing contractor often meant I had to travel some distance by road when there was not a lot of local work available. I found that there was a job coming up in a town about 200km north. It would involve being there for about four days, so I would have to find accommodation for the time I was working in the area. All the materials needed were available near the site location so it was only a matter of hooking up the trailer to my ute and get on the way. I ‘phoned the client to confirm the time for starting the job and he said that as it happened, the building was ahead of schedule and I would be needed within a day or so. I said that I would be there the following morning and would meet him on site. Brett and I set off to finish the job we were working on and I told him that I had to go away working for a few days. I said I could really do with his help if he wanted to come along with me. The broad smile he gave me said all I needed to know. Yesssss!! I think I had a semi hard-on all of that day thinking about what was planned. I found out on the way home that Brett had been in the same condition. He pulled his shorts partly down to show the wet patch of pre-cum on his jocks. This caused me to bar-up instantly and as I drove, Brett reached across and massaged the hard bulge in my shorts until I knew I was about to cum. I stopped him while I poked my dick down and out of the leg of my shorts. He then returned to polishing my knob which was wet with my own pre-cum. Almost instantly, I blew a load straight between my legs which ended up in a pool on the floor of the ute. It was all too much for Brett as he whipped out his dick and rolled his already slicked up hand around the top of his raging hard cock and squirted a stream of his hot white juice straight onto the dashboard. It was lucky that we were on a quiet road at the time and I stopped so we could clean up the beautiful mess we had made. I leaned across and licked the head of Brett’s cock clean and we both laughed so loud at the sudden release of our sexual tension. By the time we got home, we had settled down and were able to relax with a couple of cold beers, enjoy the company of each other and think about the days ahead. After dinner I went down to the shed to make sure all my tools were packed in the trailer ready for an early departure in the morning. It was early to bed for both of us that night after packing the gear we would need while we were away. This time, we both slept very well. I rose at 5am, dressed and quietly said goodbye to my sleepy wife. I made sure that Brett was awake and made us a cup of coffee. We would stop on the way for breakfast. We were on the road before 5.30 as I wanted to be on the job site by around 8.30am. About 7am we stopped at a service station/diner that was popular with truck drivers. The food would be good at a place like this; and it was. After a good hearty meal we were on our way again. Brett had a pillow with him and made him self comfortable with it against the window. He was able to get a bit more sleep and looked very relaxed as we travelled. He had his legs spread wide apart and after a while I noticed that he had what looked like, a semi hard-on lying down the left leg of his shorts. I had to watch the road of course but couldn’t help glancing across at him now and then. The sight of this hot young guy in this position was turning me on and it wasn’t too long before I was feeling quite horny. I let my dick lie down the inside of my leg also and as it got harder, it began to rise of course. I drove on like this for some time with my erection rubbing against my leg and the fabric of my shorts. It felt really good, especially as I didn’t have to hide it from my passenger. After nearly an hour, Brett stirred from his sleep and as he did so, his hand went down to his dick which he fondled gently until he suddenly realised where he was. He whipped his hand away as he came fully awake and sat upright. He looked across at me with a definite blush on his face. I just smiled back at him and picked up his right hand and placed it on my own boner. "It’s ok mate, I’m feeling the same way" I said. By now we were both so horny that something had to be done to relieve the pressure. I knew it wouldn’t take long so when we came upon a rest stop a few kilometres further up the road. I turned in. There was no one there and I headed for a nice growth of trees up a little distance from the toilet block. As soon as we stopped I said to Brett "slip your shorts down mate and let me help you with that stiff problem you have there". He grinned from ear to ear and very quickly did as I suggested. I didn’t muck around. There was his hot 8 inches standing up between his thighs. I just leaned across and tasted the sweet pre-cum and went down on it until the head touched the back of my throat. Brett let out a loud gasp as he felt, for the first time, the wet warmth of my mouth around his joy stick. He had never had anyone suck his dick before and this was a very thrilling first time for him. As I nuzzled my nose into his fine pubes then slowly sucked back up to the inflamed head of his now rock hard penis, he let out another gasp and said "OH MAN! That feels awesome, please don’t stop". I wasn’t planning on stopping too soon so I let the tip of my tongue tickle his piss slit then rolled my tongue around the flaring head before sliding his whole member back into my hungry mouth. While I sucked on his shaft, I cupped his big juicy balls with my right hand and rubbed his swollen perineum with the tips of my fingers. Brett lifted his hips off the seat and thrust upwards. He yelled "OH MATE, I’m coming" and suddenly I felt a tight spasm in his cock as he blasted the inside of my mouth and throat with pulses of hot, thick sperm as he experienced the orgasm of his life. My mouth quickly filled with his hot juices and I had to swallow hard to prevent an overflow through my hard working lips. I kept his hot cock in my mouth for a few seconds to suck out the last few drops of his salty/sweet nectar before slipping it out and kissing the tip gently. By now my own need was extreme and I simply pulled out my dick and stroked it for the few seconds that it took for me to cum. "MMM another mess to clean off the floor" I said. We both laughed as I turned the ute around and headed for the toilet block. A quick clean-up, a piss and we were on our way for the last few remaining kilometres of the trip.

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