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Transform your Work

Published on Nov 06, 2015

12 ways to infuse your work with purpose and meaning.


Transform your Work

12 Ways to Infuse Your Work with Purpose
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Articulate your mission.

Write it down.
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Be picky.

Measure choices against your mission.

Be accountable.

Avoid “mission drift.”
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Be a role model.

Model purposeful behavior.

Be a mentor.

Make a commitment.
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Champion a cause.
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Find your tribe.

Connect with peers.

Learn to say “no.”

Open up time.

Learn to say “yes.”

Take a risk.

Remind yourself.

Keep returning to your mission.

Step away.

Replenish your enery.
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Get uncomfortable.

Avoid complacency.

12 Ways to Infuse Your Work with Purpose

by Aliza Sherman @alizasherman