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Published on May 31, 2022

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by: grace gautreau

Who Helps:
Captain Ernesto Alas

This person is very meaningful to the shipping of the t-shirts. He owns the boat that ships the containers to America.


These are the places the t-shirts are shipped from. They go from Columbia and then to Miami where they go to stores and other places where they sell clothes.

The t-shirt shipping container

This is whats holding the t-shirts as they are being shipped. It is probably the most important part if the whole entire process.


This is a really important step in the process of making a t-shirt. This is how they are shipped. The t-shirts go from boat to truck and lastly to train before they are delivered to stores.

More transportation:

Just a picture of the t-shirts on a train cause I couldn't think of anything else.


It costs 0.60 to buy the cotton and then 0.07 to actually ship it. Lastly it costs 2.70 to get it to the store or your house, All in all to ship the t-shirts from Columbia to Miami it only costs 3.37 dollars. Of course it costs more to make the actual t-shirt but this is just how much it costs to ship it.