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Traction Takeaways for Lifelong Learning Programs

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The best takeaways for lifelong learning programs from the book by Gino Wickman
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The latest trend for winning lifelong learning programs is their focus on operating like a business. In LERN trainings, we share EOS, the Entrepreneurial Operating System documented by Gino Wickman in his book "Traction."

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If you are not operating like a business and/or do not have a clear business operations direction, we strongly encourage you to read "Traction."

Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business
by Gino Wickman
Link: http://amzn.com/1936661837
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The top takeaways from "Traction"

  • Vision
  • People
  • Data
  • Process
  • Issues
  • Traction
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#1. Vision

Everyone on staff has a clear picture of where the lifelong learning program is heading and support the vision. The vision is documented and includes both long-term and short-term goals.
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Everyone on staff is 100% on the same page with where the lifelong learning program is going and knows exactly how it plans to get there. This gets to the need for COMPLETE alignment on not just the long-term Vision but the short-term plan, priorities, etc.

#2. People

Although all positions may not be filled and some people sit in two seats, the staffing chart required to support the vision is documented. People hired are the right people for the right seats and need to understand their job and what they are accountable for. The people also need to want the job and have the bandwidth to perform the job.

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#3. Data

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The right data is collected, analyzed, and used as the foundation of decision making. Weekly scorecards are used for accountability and to ensure key benchmarks are on track.

#4. Process

The core processes of the lifelong learning program are documented and followed by all. Everyone knows what they are accountable for. The software system used provides core process efficiency.

#5. Issues

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Issues needing resolution are addressed and decided upon and not ignored, especially due to internal politics. Open and honest communication is critical.

#6. Traction

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Meetings, or a Weekly Meeting Pulse, are structured to ensure participants are on track with benchmarks and goals - Rocks - but the majority of the time is spent on decision-making. There are annual goals - Big Rocks - but quarterly goals also are set to ensure annual goals will be met and staff are on track.

Rocks create a 90-Day world for the organization where quarterly priorities are crystal clear and owned by a single person. A weekly Meeting Pulse keeps the circles connected properly and assures the lifelong learning program stays on track.

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