TRAAP Method

Published on May 08, 2017

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TRAAP Method

Evaluate your Information
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Use the TRAAP Method to help you evaluate sources.

The TRAAP Method is a way to help you critically think about your information and decide whether or not it is appropriate for your needs.

What might be appropriate for today's assignment or task, might not be for a different situation.

TRAAP Method

  • Timeframe
  • Relevance
  • Authority
  • Accuracy
  • Purpose
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Consider the following questions for each category when evaluating your source.

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  • When was the source written/published?
  • Why might the publication date be important? Is it too old?
  • Was it published at a time of importance?
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  • Does it give me the information I need right now?
  • Is it created for the right audience? (Am I looking for a blog post, but this is a research report?)
  • How is it connected to my topic or project?
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  • Who wrote it, and what makes them qualified to provide this information?
  • Would you consider the creator to be an expert?
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  • Are the facts correct? Can you verify them with other sources?
  • Is the evidence backed up by data?
  • Does the author provide sources?
  • Did the source go through any type of review process?
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  • Why was this created?
  • What underlying motive or bias might the author or organization bring to this information?
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Is this source appropriate?
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After asking yourself these questions, consider the information and make a judgement as to the appropriateness of the source.