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Toucans are Cool

Published on Mar 01, 2016

Why toucans are cool along with comparing and contrasting other birds


Why Toucans are the Best

Photo by Ame Otoko

Coolness of toucans

  • Look At that Beak!
  • They make cool sounds
  • Exotic
  • Pretty birds

Crows are boring

No fun colors or cool sounds
Photo by reynard

Penguins are Also Cool

Birds in Suits
Photo by Alfo23

Why penguins are cool

  • They wear suits
  • Can stand cold Weather
  • Big Swimimg Birds
  • Giant Teddy Bear Size
  • Babies are adorable
Photo by smerikal

Penguins + Toucans

Photo by coofdy

Toucans are kinda like penguins because:

  • Cool beaks
  • Cool sounds
  • Exotic
  • Pretty/ Cute
  • Mostly same colors
Photo by 192020

Thank You!

Photo by GIPE25