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Top tips to ensure a successful srds review

Published on Nov 19, 2015

Click through this short presentation to find some useful tips for revieweer.

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Top tips to ensure a successful srds review

Tips for Reviewers

Before the review

1. Ensure you know who you are reviewing

Your Head of Department will determine the reviewer/reviewee pairings.
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2. Arrange a meeting with all your reviewees

Give them at least two weeks notice of the date, time and location.
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3.Have your reviewees seen the department objectives?

If not, let them know where they are
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4. Prepare for the meeting

  • Read the reviewee's SRDS form
  • Think about your feedback considering their work over the last year
  • Think about what the reviewee should focus on in the coming year
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During The Review

5. Arrive on time

6. Open and Constructive Dialogue

Don't make assumptions about your reviewee and their career aspirations

7. Address issues

This includes things raised in advance and during the meeting
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8. Cover all the areas you want to

This applies to both reviewee and reviewer

After the Review

9. Complete the form

It may take some time to write SMART objectives.
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10. Agree objectives

They should show how an individual's role fits with departmental objectives
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11. Sign the form

Don't forget to sign and date the form (and remember where you saved it)!

12. Arrange a mid year review

This will give you a chance to keep track of progress against objectives

13. Responsibility

Encourage your reviewee to take responsibility for their development
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14. Support

But also demonstrate that you support them
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