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TL Bootcamp

Published on Nov 18, 2015

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TL Bootcamp

Saturday 18th January
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  • Team building
  • The 'Big Picture'
  • AIESEC Birmingham
  • Your role in the LC
  • Management Workshop
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  • Lunch
  • Parking space
  • Expected finish time: 7pm
  • Pub!
  • Ask questions!
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why are you here?

Impact model

Our local mission and vision

Our local reality

Our strategic plan

Management 101


1/ This is the LC structure for the next term
2/ It looks very similar to the structure last term, but strategically our goals and methods will be slightly different. How will this structure support that?
3/ You are all in the green boxes, this means that you're part of middle management
4/ As mentioned earlier, empowering middle management is going to be a focus for us this term for 3 reasons: 1) it will help us to be more effectual in achieving our organisational goals (how this will be achieved is something I'll get back to later) 2) it will further develop you all as responsible leaders as your roles are more challenging this time around 3) the members will be further developed as leaders, as you will also be focused on engaging them more than your VP could
5/ However, no matter how complex the management structure, we can't guarentee that having a middle management layer is going to deliver any of these things so we need to implement a good working definition of what middle management is and then use this to set expectations on all of us

definition 1

  • Layer of management
  • Monitor activities of subordinates
  • Report to upper management
1/ the first definition I found is this one:
"layer of management in an organization whose primary job responsibility is to monitor activities of subordinates while reporting to upper management"
2/ What kind of an expectation does this place on you?
3/ write them on the board underneath the definition
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successful middle management

  • Strategic Insight
  • Trusting senior management
  • Makes sound judgement
  • Recognises members
  • Motivated to go above and beyond
The aiesec definition of middle management:

the level in the organization that can be the link and the empowering channel between the EB and the membership

1/ a useful middle management requires a couple of key ingredients

Strategic insight: they need to know how what decisions are being made at the top for their own division and why so that they can prepare their team for this

Trusting Senior management: senior management needs to trust their middle management enough to be able to pass on some decision making powers to them. Without this they become a messenger or KPI monitor for their VP

Makes sound judgement: this trust and organisational insight needs to be utilised, in order to empower yourselves as leaders and to fulfill goals managemers need to take initiative and make decisions. The more your team sees you doing this the more they will respect your judgment

Recognises members: although R&R comes from TM and the EB, it is important that the TL also knows their team, they have the closest relationship with them and so should understand them better. This means that they're the best people to offer encouragement, put people up for awards and develop their members. Strategically this is very important

Motivation: middle managers need to be motivated enough to take those extra steps. realistically speaking, even with this new definition we could still end up in a position where managers are simply implementing the decisions of the VP. This is why it is important that you guys connect with the why of the organisation and understand why you're here now
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Activating leadership

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Management workshop


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  • Start tomorrow at 10.30am
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