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Published on Feb 01, 2017

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When was the telephone invented?

The telephone was invented on the 7th of march 1876 by Alexander Graham Bell in the United States of America. 3 days after the phone was invented Bell than said the first words into the telephone.

What did the Telephone do?

The telephone is a communication device that made you be able to talk with people electronically with out seeing them face to face. The telephone worked by when a person spoke into the microphone of the telephone, it would send out sound waves created by the person voice. there is an electrical current in the telephone which carries the voice to one another.

What were the benefits of the Telephone?

The benefits of the telephone being invented are that it lead to the development of office buildings, city centers and urban work society's. it has also helped businesses in many ways and it has helped people be more accessible to the world. It makes people be able to contact emergency services/situation quicker. It has also changed the way people socialize with each other, for example it is likely to have a long distance relationship and it keeps you in contact with family's from a different country.
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What Problems did the telephone create?

Some of the problems that the telephone had on people was that it made some people loss their job. Such as if you had a job as a messenger boy, telegrapher or an ironically operator you soon became job less. The telephone has also promoted crime.

Legacy in 2017

The legacy of the telephone is that it is still being used, in fact its used in our day to day lives. The telephones technology has improved a lot, by now having telephones that are touch screen and wireless and that you have many other wonderful things on your telephone.
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Extra information

Alexander Graham bell was not the first person to come up with the idea of the telephone. And Italian immigrant called Antonio Meccui was the one who came up with the deign back in 1849.
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