This is it!

Published on Aug 01, 2019

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This is it!

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Time to make your plans...

into daily action steps!
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here is a link to the resources I shared with you in May. :)
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Remember Vital Connections!

When kids have a WHY - so much can get DONE!

Create a Culture of Collaboration!

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Create a culture of HANDS ON!

Allow students to explore, experiment and fail forward!
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Find a way to JUMP IN!

get students excited about
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Magnet Themes...

are those connections!

Take a look at...

Your PBL Journey


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Let's Discuss!

  • How are you going to begin a culture shift with your students - teaching them to collaborate and take risks?
  • What are you going to do in your class that connects students to the magnet theme?

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  • What PBL or other simulation are you going to do FIRST this year? How do you plan to introduce it and get kids excited about it?
  • How will you help students feel connected to your essential problem or question throughout their day to day learning?

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  • How are you going to give your students voice and choice throughout their PBL or simulation process?
  • What will your students' final product look like, and who will you invite to come and see it?

Let's DO IT!

Let's make it happen!

Stay in Touch!

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