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This is America!!?!

Published on Nov 30, 2015

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This is America!!?!

The Extravaganza!!?!

Essential Question

Did the United States make progress as a nation during the 19th Century?

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What forces create a moment? What forces does a moment create?

If we are talking about progress, then we need to know the impact (positive or negative) of your event on some other aspect of the nation.


What is It?
Consider the iPhone as a piece of technology that many would label as progress? The iPhone allows you to connect with friends, be more productive, access information, and help organize your daily life. Is that progress?
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What is it?
Back to that iPhone, does a phone call interfere with a face to face conversation, do people say things they don't mean anonymously, fail to notice the world around them, sacrifice real experiences for virtual ones? Is that progress?
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US History

All Of It!
All nations seek to improve. Physical, Cultural, Social, Ethical, Spiritual improvement is always the goal of a nation. Over this 120 year span our nation changed dramatically. The question we want you to answer is, Was the US a better nation following this 120 year span of time than when it began? Why?

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Extravaganza!!?! Process

  • Stations
  • Research
  • Share and Discuss
  • Synthesize - Bring Ideas Together
  • Finding Meaning
  • Flags - Gallery Walk

Reflect - What did we learn about the US, learning, each other, ourselves?


Learn and Grow
Research - This phase begins immediately and will expose you to a wide range of topics that are available within this 120 year span. You will then select a broad topic to research. This will then be narrowed down to a microscopic topic. You will become an expert on this topic and its impact on other aspects of society.

You may also be asked to make a connection between your original topic and something in our world today.

Throughout the first 4 weeks the teachers will be presenting skills to help you become better researchers, as well as helping you in the process.
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Discuss, Learn, Link
Share - This will be done in small group circles and using what is called a fishbowl activity. This is an opportunity for you to compare your findings to other students. For many this is also their first introduction to the multitude of other topic ideas that are being discussed in the Extravaganza!!?!
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bring it all together
Synthesize - Take all the ideas that are available to you and create an overall vision of whether 1800-1920 was an era of progress or not?

This will require you to produce a product that demonstrates your point of view. Products can be anything that catches your attention, and hopefully that of your audience.


Progress? OR Decline? 
Share - Round 2 sharing will be done by sharing artifacts that demonstrate an understanding of progress in the 19th Century.

This is where you get an opportunity to not only demonstrate your thoughts on progress, but also your creative choices for sharing your opinions.

Extravaganza!!?! Choices

  • Subject of Study
  • Teachers
  • Schedule/Pace
  • Product
During the 3rd Quarter you will get an opportunity to grow as a learner by experiencing learning in a whole new way. You will be faced with a series of choices. This is to help you experience the type of learning that you are most desirous of. Work in a way that will help you to experience success, but don't be afraid to try new things.


Sooner or Later, Everyone has one

The End

Have Fun