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Third Grade Field Trip

Published on Nov 18, 2015

Field Trip to Superstition Mountain Museum.


We traveled to the base of the Superstitions.

Plenty of history happened in these mountains.

Corn was important to the indians.

Crush the corn!

Mountain Men taught us many skills about surviving in the mountains.

We learned that blacksmiths were responsible for making many things like nails, horseshoes, and branding irons.

Is it time for lunch yet?

Take a ride on the stagecoach! This is how the pioneers would travel long distances.

Visiting the Elvis Presley Chapel. He filmed movies in this church. The church has weddings quite often.

What? I am in jail just because I said I don't like your cowboy hat!

Finally…lunch! The stone blocks we are sitting on used to be part of the Roosevelt Dam.

I must eat my food!

Off to see more!

How You Can CrushOre

I think more than one can fit!

Hopewe find somegold!

Checking out a model train in an old west town.

It all ends with a shoot out between some bank robbers and the law!

The Field Trip was a Blast!

We learned so much about Arizona History!