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Things You Have to Know Before Hiring Movers

Published on Mar 02, 2021

Are you going to move and looking for moving services? Then, you are probably wondering how to find the top movers without spending way too much time on it and what the things to pay attention to are. In this article, we want to provide you with some tips regarding the topic.

Understanding different kinds of moves and movers

In dependence to the distance of your moving, there are long-distance moves (also called big or interstate) and short moves (simply called local). For the latter ones, you can simply choose informal movers. Local small companies are usually cheaper than interstate ones, but they can offer their services only within a town or neighboring cities due to the lack of licenses. For interstate moving or moves across the country, you have to hire a licensed and insured moving company so that there are no troubles with law-enforcement authorities. Besides, you can be charged with penalty if the movers are not registered, so pay special attention to this aspect.

Check moving providers online

Choose at least ten moving companies and check the reviews on them. Use Yelp, Facebook or any other platform you find reliable. Pay special attention to the movers who have more than 150 comments on their count and an average rating of 4.5 out of 5. Look through the feedback and check whether there are some warning signs or not.

Also, when you consider a particular company, it is better to check its complaint history. If the moving company is federally registered, it has its DOT (Department of Transportation) number that makes checking easier. You can find all the negative comments online either on the same sites you have researched testimonials and ratings or via other searching tools like the Better Business Bureau.

Interviewing movers

Before signing a contract with movers or even asking them for an estimate, it is better to call them and ask the right questions. For example: • What is your US DOT number? • Do you provide insurance? • Do you offer packing services? • Are there any additional services? • Is there an extra charge for large sized furniture, the number of stair flights whatsoever? • Do you provide a free estimate? These are the most common questions. Do not hesitate to ask what you are concerned about. It will help you to choose the best movers for your needs.


Things You Have to Know Before Hiring Movers