The Ten Commandments of Presentations

Published on Nov 18, 2015

The 10 Commandments of Presentations, according to Haiku Deck. Inspired by the "miracle of the Internet" theme of the 2014 Webby Awards.


The ten commandments

Of presentations
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1. Thou shalt not cram thy slides full of text

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2. Thou shalt not employ the foolish font

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3. Thou shalt not befoul thy slides with clip art

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4. Thou shalt not read thy slides aloud word by everlasting word

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5. Thou shalt not make charts absurdly complex

6. Thou shalt not make thy audience seasick

7. Thou shalt not be profligate with thy bullets

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8. Thou shalt not select stock photography devoid of soul

9. Thou shalt not combine these transgressions into a single abomination

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10. Thou shalt seek presentation salvation with haiku deck

Presentation salvation

Achieve enlightenment at

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