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The Stepbrother - PART 4

Published on Mar 23, 2024

But, after finding out that Don had been spying on her while she was skinny-dipping, Kristin felt there was a little more honesty that Don owed the group.

"Daddy Don, if you want I can make another confession but..."

"No." Don interrupted. "Let me dump my bucket. I started to say this but lost my way I guess. I took those pictures of Kris. I...I think she's a really beautiful young woman. I got excited and, later I went downstairs to talk to her. We had a little talk and, when we were finished, I went to give her a hug." At that point Cynthia knew what was coming. She closed her eyes tightly but resisted the urge to interrupt her husband's narrative. And so he continued.

I went to give her a little kiss! just a little kiss!" He said looking at Kristin. "But, somehow, it turned into more than that. The next thing I knew we were on the sofa together and...and all she had on were these threadbare panties. White panties. I was just going to, you know, dry fuck her. Get off by rubbing my cock on her underpants but...but..."

"But I pulled the leg band of my panties to one side and let him fuck me." Kristin interrupted. "It wouldn't be right to sit here and try to pretend I'm totally innocent in all of this. No, I wanted it and I got it. I got the leg band out of the way and Daddy Don screwed his prick into my little bare pussy. I felt a pinch at first, but he went really slow until I was used to it and it just felt really good. Then...then he fucked me good and hard and pulled out at the end and came all over my panties."

Well, Matt and Cynthia were stunned to hear little Kristin's confession. Matt found himself angry at his father. Here he'd been out of his mind with lust for his little sister but he managed to stop short of raping her, only to have his father take that precious part of her for himself. Cynthia, meanwhile, was not so much angry at Don as she was angry at her daughter who clearly could have avoided the whole thing but instead played along and then intentionally bared her vagina to her step father. It was hard to blame Don given the circumstances. Tears began to stream down her disappointed face. She knew she was as guilty as any of the others in this situation. She and her daughter were two of a kind really. Both of them saw men they wanted to have and then had them! Don did his best to comfort his newlywed wife but he knew he would be sleeping on the couch tonight, that was for sure.

There wasn't much left to be said after that. The totally shocking consequences of the meeting were yet to be determined but, in a moment of clarity, Cynthia realized she had to do the best she could to save her marriage. She took Don by the hand, quietly said good night to the children, and then they made their way upstairs.

Yes, it was a long night for all four members of the recently created Singer family. But, eventually, sleep overtook them. The first light of dawn awoke Don but, today being Saturday, he wasn't under the gun to show up somewhere. He drifted in and out of dreamland for a while and, of course, his morning wood demanded attention. Next to him, and wide awake herself, lay Cynthia. And Cynthia had come to remember something her mother had advised her when she was old enough to understand.

"Sex is the glue that holds you together in a marriage." Her mother had told her. "All kinds of things good and bad will happen over the course of time, but, if you stick together and continue your sexual life together as man and wife, you will get through the vast majority of these things. You can't be holding a grudge." This morning, her mother's words echoed inside Cynthia's head. She knew she had to forgive her husband for fucking her little daughter. Just as he had to forgive her for fucking his son.

Accordingly, when she felt Don's customary "Morning Wood" rubbing up into her butt cheeks, she rubbed right back against him. Don, thrilled that his wife had apparently seen her way to accept his misdeed, quickly reached around to caress Cynthia's large womanly tits. This always served to warm up her pussy and this morning was no exception.

But, today, Cynthia rolled over to face her husband and planted several soft little kisses all over his face. Both lovers knew the danger had passed and set about to satisfy their physical desires.

Downstairs Matt and Kristin lay in their beds on either side of the bathroom they shared in the roomy hillside home. Matt found himself thinking "All I had to do was shove it in her pussy! Goddam it! That's all I had to do. But no! No, I couldn't believe that maybe she could love me too. And I do love her! I have two sisters living with mom but I sure don't feel that way about them!"

Kristin, for her part, found herself on the verge of tears wondering what was going to happen next. Would Matty and Don move out? Did she want that? Did her mom want that? The answer wasn't hard to figure out. No! No, of course not! So what do we do now? Then, there was a quiet knock on her door. She didn't respond but the door opened and Matt came into her bedroom. With just a smile, he climbed into bed with his little step sister.

"Mornin' beautiful!" He whispered as he settled in next to Kristin.

The pretty blonde teen was so relieved to see her big brother! All that had transpired last night had her worrying that things would never be the same in her life, ever again. At least here was Matty, ready to be her friend. He pushed the hair out of her eyes and spoke: "So, all I had to do was just shove it in? Really?"

Kristin just rolled her eyes towards heaven and sarcastically replied "I asked you to take off my panties Matt...was I supposed to beg too?"

Matt put a little smile on his face and raised his eyebrows a la Groucho Marx and shot back "Well, that would've been nice!" And then the two young lovers kissed. Kristin opened her mouth in an obvious invitation which Matt accepted. Then his tongue was all in his little sister's mouth and the two of them began to really heat up. Kristin felt Matt's hands pulling her pajama bottoms down and she instinctively stopped him. Undeterred, Matt simply caressed Kristin's saucy butt cheeks and then slipped his hands under her PJs and felt up her little panties. He could feel her body responding and then he boldly went inside her skimpy underpants and began feeling her lusciously bare ass cheeks!

"Oh Matty..." She breathed, "We can't fuck! We have to stop all of this! It's just...trouble!" Matt understood her concerns and decided to take the bull by the horns.

"Listen Krissy, do you want me and Dad to move out?"

"No of course not!" She quickly replied.

"Well me neither but, well, I think we need to make that point to Mom and Dad." Kristin smiled. She couldn't remember Matt ever referring to their parents as "Mom and Dad" before. It was like, okay, now we really are a family and we're faced with this crisis and it's time for us to do something about it!

"I agree Matt!" She said nodding her head. "So, lets go up there and tell them this. We've all made mistakes which makes us all human but getting together had made us all happy so let's not goof this up!"

"You sure you don't want to hang out here for, oh, six or seven minutes?" Matt cracked. He took his little sister's hand and placed it on his hardened penis that was covered only by his briefs."

Kristin kissed her big brother on the lips and promised "We'll get to that, believe me."

The two youngest members of the Singer clan then made their way up the carpeted stairway and down the hall to the doorway to their parent's bedroom.

And inside that doorway, Cynthia and Don were gratefully resuming their physical relationship. The glue that kept them stuck together. Cynthia had allowed her husband to remove her precious panties and was now on her knees before her hard cocked husband displaying all of her sexual wares for him to appreciate. And appreciate them he did, just for a few moments before placing the plum shaped head of his big hard cock at the soft little entrance to his wife's pussy. He only hesitated for a few seconds until Cynthia subtly pushed back at him, forcing his penis to begin penetration. Then, with a deeply felt sigh of relief, Don shoved all of his mammoth hardon into Cynthia's impatient pussy! The black haired mother gasped and cried out "Oh...go slow Don!" But her husband was way beyond that point and continued to push forward until both lovers heard that little 'slap' as his balls collided with her pussy lips! Then, they began to fuck!

Matt and Kristin softly approached their parents bedroom and Matt quietly turned the doorknob and slightly opened the door affording them a little peek inside. Wow! It sure looked like Mom and Dad had made up and weren't mad at each other anymore!

"Kris...look at that!" Matt whispered to his little sister. "Dad has all of his cock buried in your mom's pussy!"

"Shhhh!" The pretty blonde tried to keep her big step brother quiet, "They'll hear us!" Kristin moved in front of Matt to get a better look at the copulation taking place just a few feet away in the master bedroom. It was shocking but exciting to the inexperienced young teenager to see her parents wildly fucking on their marriage bed. Then, she felt Matt's hard cock probing her ass cheeks behind. He slid his hands around his little sister and cupped her little tits while rubbing his erect penis into her anal groove through the soft cotton fabric of her pajama bottoms.

Kristin couldn't help but become aroused by this handling of her nearly nude flesh. She was focused on the wild fuck taking place in her mom's bedroom but Matt's penis sliding all over her ass was turning her on!

"Cut it out Matt!" She whispered insincerely to her step brother. Unfortunately, she spoke the words a little too loud and, in the bedroom, both lovers stopped their coupling and turned to face the door.

It was Cynthia who finally spoke.

"Listen up people who are spying on us..." she addressed their unseen audience, "I thought we agreed no more secrets and no more voyeurism in our family. If you want to watch, then come in here and be quiet. Don and I are busy!"

Kristin wanted to run down the stairs and escape but Matt wasn't having any of that. He nuzzled his little step sister's ear and whispered "We have to accept what your mom just said. We agreed last night: No more secrets and no more spying."

With that, Matt slowly pushed the door open and the two younger step siblings entered the bedroom. Matt kept his arms around his little step sister as they approached the king sized bed. Kristin looked around at Matt, wondering what he had in mind. He nudged her up onto the mattress next to her kneeling mother. The pretty blonde teen quietly assumed a similar position on her knees with her pajama bottoms in the air. Matt climbed up next to her and smiled at his dad next to him.

"Little help Pop?" He mused. Don, surprised by this turn of events but thrilled to be joined on the bed by his sexually captivating step daughter, simply reached out for the elastic waistband of Kristin's PJs and the two men slowly pulled them down leaving her dressed in just her little white panties!

When Matt attempted to pull down Kristin's skimpy panties, she wailed "No! Not my panties! Please don't take off my panties!" but, undeterred, Matt slowly pulled them down to the tops of her thighs so that all of his little sister's ass was on display. Her tight little pink asshole seemed to be calling out to him and her shaved pussy lips below were begging for penetration!

Poor little Kristin was being overwhelmed by the over the top sexuality of the moment. Her mother was gasping and moaning in pleasure next to her and now her big brother had pulled down her panties and was touching his big hard cock to her recently devirginated little pussy...and, Oh, it felt so good! Knowing it was now unavoidable, Kristin turned to face Matt and begged "Oh Matty, it's so big! Don't put it all the way in!"

"Typical Kristin." Matt couldn't help but think. "You can have some of my pussy but not all of it!" He shook his head softly from side to side as if to say "Yeah, right!" Then, he surged forward burying all of his mammoth penis in his little sister's well lubricated pussy! The twenty year old had been lusting for his step sister for so long. Sooo long! Now, finally, he had the little teen on her knees before him with his cock buried in her tight little cunt! In and out he sawed while enjoying a front row seat to the now rapidly accelerating fuck taking place right next to him on the bed. Having tasted his step mother's luxuriously sexy pussy himself, he could appreciate the pleasure his father was experiencing.

Then, Matt's eyes traveled down to Kristin's now perspiring young body. More to the point, to her tight little teenaged asshole lying there above her cock stuffed pussy. He gently caressed it, using her natural female lubrication to oil it up. Then, without asking permission, he drove his index finger into Kristin's never before penetrated asshole!

"Oh...Oh...Oh...!" Kristin exclaimed as she felt Matt's finger sliding into her ass. Kristin wasn't sexually naive, she knew about anal sex but hadn't considered it something she would ever want to experiment with. On the other hand, as much as she loved her big brother, she'd somehow ended up giving her virginity to his father. That didn't seem fair. Matt's large penis was thrilling her little pussy, but somehow, she knew what she must do. She quietly looked back at her big brother and said: "Matty...take off my panties!"

Matt's cock jumped when he heard his little step sister's lewd request. He reluctantly withdrew all of his big cock from her pussy and then slowly drew her panties down her thighs until she lifted each knee to allow their complete removal. Now pantiless, the pretty blonde reached for Matt's rock hard penis and slowly pulled it up from her disappointed pussy to the tight pink hole above it: her virgin asshole!

"Go slow Matt." She quietly said, "Like your dad did when he...when he fucked me!"

Matt looked over at his dad who was now watching the events taking place next to him. And so was Cynthia. "My God!" she thought to herself. "My little daughter is just as hot as I was at her age! I never had anal sex, it just wasn't done back then but..."

She didn't have a chance to finish the thought as the sight of Matt's cock slowly penetrating Kristin's asshole was more captivating than anything she could imagine. Inch by inch, all of his manly penis slowly slid into her daughter's unprotected virgin asshole. Both Don and his wife watched rapt as the completely naked teenager was sodomized right before their astonished eyes.

Matt had never experienced anything quite like this. To have his precious little sister place his cock at the puckered little dimple of her ass and accept it willingly was more than he could understand. But, of course, there was no understanding any of this now. And so, slowly at first, then picking up speed, he fucked Kristin's tender young asshole while she subserviently knelt there and took it.

Next to them, Don and Cyn were similarly captivated by the lewd act taking place.

"Geez Cyn...look at that!" Don whispered to his wife. "Have you...have you ever...?"

Cynthia just shook her head softly from side to side indicating "No." But, at that moment, the pretty black haired mother came to understand that, she still had one "virginity" she could give to her husband. And it was time to present him with a birthday present he could remember forever. She resumed her place on her knees and just said, "Go slow, like when you fucked Kris!" Then she reached back and opened her ass cheeks completely exposing her puckered pink asshole!

Don, shocked by all that had already happened, didn't hesitate. He quickly touched his penis to his wife's eager little anus and began to push. He had to push pretty hard too! Cynthia's little asshole wasn't going to be penetrated with ease! Finally, both lovers gasped as Don achieved his goal and stuffed all of his cock into Cynthia's no longer resisting ass! He could feel his wife's fingers stimulating her pussy beneath in an attempt to neutralize the uncomfortable penetration she was experiencing.

As was Kristin right next to them. She never would have accepted this lewd act had she known how devastatingly dirty it would be! Taking all that cock in not it's proper landing place. Oh, but she wanted to please Matt and pleased he seemed to be. He was moaning and gasping in pleasure as his little sister took all of his cock into her tight little asshole! Kristin's fingers did the best they could but, somehow, it just wasn't enough. Then, a positively nasty idea came into her head! Oh it was so dirty but the time was right and she knew she was going to try it once the thought was complete in her mind.

Kristin just slowly collapsed onto her side, taking Matt with her, his cock never losing contact with her asshole, then she rolled him onto his back leaving her naked on top of him. Matt's penis remained completely lodged to the root in his little sister's ass! She cast her lovely eyes over at her parents next to her on the bed and addressed her mother: "Mom, can I borrow him for just a moment?"

Then Kristin reached down and, taking her pussy lips in her little finger, she slowly spread herself open offering her hairless young pussy to her step dad who looking on in astonishment. All of Kristin's soft pink pussy was visible to Don and his son's cock was now motionless in her asshole below. He was overcome with lust and hoped Cynthia wouldn't hold it against him. He delicately removed his cock from Cynthia's totally violated asshole and moved over and placed his knees on either side of his little step daughter's body. Then he carefully placed his cock at the entrance to her vagina. After briefly sliding his cock all over her pussylips to ensure it's lubrication, he slowly pushed it in!

"Ohhhhh!" Kristin exclaimed as she felt Daddy Don's cock sliding into her pussy with some difficulty. And then, he was home and both of the Singer men began to fuck her helpless body at the same time. It was an experience she obviously had never had before and would never have again but, for that one morning, it was just what she wanted. She felt the need to please both of them and it was strangely satisfying to her to provide that pleasure to her brother and father at the same time.

Next to the now wildly fucking trio, Cynthia, of course, felt a bit left out! Her asshole had just been penetrated for the first time and now her husband was fucking her daughter while his son sodomized her at the same time. Cynthia watched for several moments and then chose a new course of action: She climbed up against the headboard and opened her legs well apart. Then she reached down and opened her pussy to both men who were so busy next to her.

And both men noticed!

Cynthia took a moment to enjoy the salacious stares her little bare pussy had drawn and then quietly spoke to all three members of her new family.

"There's just one last thing I'd like to add to what I spoke about last night." She began. "There's something I've been thinking about the past few weeks and now is as good a time as any to bring it up to you." Now Matt and Don slowed their saucy duel penetration of Cynthia's little daughter and listened to what she had to say.

Cynthia looked at her little daughter, her asshole and pussy filled with cock, and addressed her: "Krissy, remember that little sister you always wanted when you were growing up?" It took a few moments for Kristin to understand what her mother was now speaking of but, when she did, her eyes widened in disbelief.

"Mom!" She gasped..."You mean...you mean, you and Daddy Don are gonna...gonna?"

"Yes." She interrupted. "Yes, if he wants this too. It's not just my decision. But, well, for us to have another child it would really make us a family. It's not too late you know. I'm 37 but..."

"Hell! I'm for it!" Don barked out. "That's more than I could dream of Cynthia! Oh, lets do it! Let's do it today!" Cynthia smiled and glanced at her step son now reclining beneath his step sister, his cock still moving slowly in and out of her now forever stretched anus. He had to approve too and, besides, Cynthia had a special plan for Matt as well.

"Matt. I think it's only fair that you have a chance to be a father as well. I mean, we are a family and we're all equal members as far as I'm concerned. It took a few moments for Matt to realize what she was promising. That he would be allowed to cum in Cynthia's pussy! And Matt knew he wanted that! It was great cumming on her panties last time but, Wow! I'd love to splash it all over her womb!

Matt thought about this new development and looked into Cynthia's deep blue eyes and liked what he saw. Cynthia returned his gaze and then subtly nodded her head to indicate that she was serious about taking his seed in her vagina and planned to enjoy it too! Matt quickly agreed to the new addition to their family. "Maybe I'll get that little brother I always wanted." He said smiling.

Cynthia nodded her head, pleased that everyone was on board with her secret plan.

"So, go ahead and enjoy yourselves, but, when you're ready to...to finish up, let me have your essence. Don, you're my husband and so you get first crack!" With that said, Cynthia reclined anew against the pillowed headboard and opened her legs affording her beau with an unobstructed view of her sensuously aroused pussy. The lips were a deeper pink color now after being fucked so wonderfully earlier.

Don continued driving his stiff penis into his step daughter's soft warm pussy but his eyes remained locked on Cynthia's pussy. The lips carefully shaved to emphasize their marvelous pink color and the shock of curly black pubic hairs above that displayed her maturity. "Man!" Don thought to himself, "She's something!"

There was no real need to do anything more to spur her husband on but Cynthia reached down and opened her pussylips to complete her sexual invitation. Soft and pink and accentuated by that curly black hair...

"Oooomph!" Don called out and then quickly pulled out of poor Kristin's double fucked body. He jumped over to plant his cock in Cynthia's desire swollen pussy and, with a groan of pleasure, he proceeded to empty his balls as she reached down to caress him all the while.

"Mmmmmm! Oh, Donny, that's it! Don't waste a drop! Give me all of your hot sperm, right where I need it!" Her husband was eager to comply and remained in place between Cynthia's fleshy thighs until he was satisfied that all of his sperm had now exited his penis. Then, exhausted, he rolled off of his wife, his penis still jerking from the experience.

Knowing he was up now, Matt decided not to immediately climb off his little sister, whose asshole he was seriously enjoying. Instead, he rolled onto his side and spooned with the small titted blonde and nuzzled her ear whispering that he loved her and hoped he could give her the little sister she'd wanted. Finally, the allure of his step mother's open pussy proved too much to ignore. He carefully withdrew his penis from his little sister's incredibly tight asshole which gave an embarrassing "Pop!" sound which brought a smile to Matt's face. He then moved over to prepare to, hopefully, impregnate his step mother. The ernest young man had gone from being a virgin a couple of days ago to this wild morning when he'd fucked his wonderful little step sister in her pussy and asshole and now was going to cum in his step mom's equally sexy cunt! He carefully took his place between Cyntina's thighs and touched his still rigid penis to the steaming hot vertical division he found down there.

Cynthia looked at Kristin and, knowing the feelings her daughter had for her step brother, invited her to move closer.

"Kristin, honey, use your little panties to be sure Matty gives me his best shot. He deserves a chance to be a father too, you know!" And so Kristin found her skimpy white cotton panties and began to wipe them all over Matt's butt cheeks.

"Mmmmm!" Matt loved that! He remembered his last encounter with Cynthia and how incredibly satisfying that whole experience was. She was hell of a woman and he was thrilled to have an opportunity to send his cock slicing into her womanhood one more time. With his little sister now tickling his balls with her soft little panties, he surged into Cynthia's pussy with all he had! And that was plenty! His cock, even larger than his father's was pleasing Cynthia now and she was responding! Cynthia certainly didn't want to show up her husband but she was unable to resist calling out to her step son: "Oh, that's so good Matty! Please, now honey, stick it all the way in there and give me all you've got! Oh...Oh...Oh...Oh please fuck me harder honey!"

Don had mixed emotions watching his wife fucking her step son. She seemed to be enjoying it a bit too much. Just then, Cynthia looked over at Don and quickly winked her eye at him. Don understood her little signal. He knew this was something he had to accept and, after all, he got to fuck Kristin and that was worth plenty to him.

Kristin moved up behind her step brother and continued to slide her hot panties all over his balls while rubbing her nipples on his back. The contact caused her nipples to firm up and Matt now enjoyed that wild sensation in addition to her panties on his balls and...Oh, and the sweet and hot sensation of Cynthia's incomparable pussy! My God! She was incredible! Now she was shoving her pussy out to meet his pistoning cock in an effort to accept even more of his steely hard shaft. And she was succeeding!

And then Matt reached the pinnacle of pleasure! His balls began to erupt and he stuffed all the cock he had into Cynthia's wildly contracting pussy! Kristin could feel his climax beginning in his balls and she used her panties to lightly squeeze them in an effort to increase the intensity of his explosion.

"Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh!" Matt cried out in triumph as all of his seed jetted into his step mom's welcoming pussy! She gasped and moaned as she felt his hot sperm splashing into her womb and, hopefully, providing her with another child. The perspiring mother grabbed Matty's ass cheeks and pulled him into her as hard as she could in an attempt to ensure that all of his gism stayed inside her. She squeezed his buttocks sensuously as he finished his mind blowing ejaculation, and then she gave him a couple of playful spanks on each butt cheek. "I'll give you just thirty minutes to stop that Mom!" He dryly admonished her in response.

The four exhausted lovers spent most of the morning on that well used king size bed before reluctantly moving on with their days. It was a special event that would probably never happen again and they all knew that.

But the words of Cynthia's mother revisited her mind as she lay there dozing after the others had left. "It's the glue Cynthia!" Her mother had informed her. "Sex is the glue that keeps you stuck together no matter what happens." A lot had happened in the past couple of days, but Cynthia knew they would all be okay.

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