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The Snowy Day Snowball Experiment

Published on Nov 06, 2015

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The Snowy Day Snowball Experiment

by Leo (age 6)

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We are doing a virtual book club (My little poppies facebook group)

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You can join our book club:

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This week we read:

The snowy day!!!

WE've done SO Many

snowy day crafts and activities!

In the book peter's

snowball melts and he is sad.

so WE thought it would be fun

to do a snowball experiment!!
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I'm going to tell you

about the snowy day snowball experiment!

All you need is some snow

and we have so much here in NH!
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collect some snow...

Then make a snowball...

Put the snowball

in a measuring cup...

Use tape to predict

how much water will be in the cup when it melts!

Now you have to wait

you can also guess how long it will take to melt!

our guesses weren't close!

But Mine was closer than T's! Ha ha!!

Use the leftover snow

for painting!!

Next week we are reading

this book! We have lots of fun planned!

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this haiku deck was made by

Leo (age 6)
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