The Self as Public Data - Challenges of Open Scholarship

Published on Oct 19, 2016

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The Self as Public Data

Challenges of Open Scholarship
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Maha Bali, CLT

"the true benefit of the academy is the interaction, the access to the debate, to the negotiation of knowledge — not to the stale cataloging of content"
(Cormier & Siemens, 2010)

Open scholarship = “any teaching and research practices that are public and that espouse openness”
(Veletsianos & Kimmons, 2013, p. 167).

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Open Scholarship as...

  • Open access publishing
  • Open education & OERs
  • Networked Participation

If we want audience, then we must first and foremost be audience
- Sherri Spelic

Self as OER

Bali & Koseoglu (2016)

Self as OER

  • Editable Person
  • Narrated Practice
  • Vulnerability
  • Negotiation of knowledge

Openness as attitude, state of being in the world

Routes to Open Scholarship

  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Blogging - hosted
  • Blogging - self-hosted
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Who Owns Your Data?

You Are DATA!

Bias: the Already Privileged

(see Sava Singh, Koseoglu & Bali, 2016)

Dominant Voices/Ideas

Cancer Blogging

Vulnerability, Ethical use?
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What Does Facebook Know?

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What Does Google Know?

When we ask our students

to write in public
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Thank You

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