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The Retirees Club (14)

Published on Feb 24, 2024

Andie had that same sweet smile, but she told me that we had to talk. I waited until the other customer cleared out, then asked her what was up.

"There's been a development that I didn't expect."

I was concerned. "Is everything OK?"

She answered, "Well, yes, but I got a surprise phone call from my ex wife, and the subject surprised me."

I knew that Andie had initiated the split because she didn't think it was fair to her wife. Andie was finding herself as a woman, and that wasn't what her ex thought the deal was going to be. Fair enough. No hard feelings and they moved on. So I inquired, "What made her call you?"

Andie continued, "Well, she has a lover that seems interested in my sexuality. I don't know if it's just curiosity or he has a history with trannies. So I agreed to meet them and see what the story is. I did love Emma, I don't know, maybe some other arrangement can be made. In any case, I'm going to hold off on any intimacy for now. I'm sorry, Pete, but I won't be seeing you – perhaps when this resolves."

I leaned closer, took her hand, and said, "No matter what, I want you to be happy. Check it out and see if it's something that will be good for all of you."

She smiled and thanked me for caring. I did enjoy our lovemaking, though I'd have to admit I still am not real big on anal sex. We'll see what unfolds.

I had been thinking about my meeting with Ed that night. The guy was bi-curious, but I wouldn't presume anything more than curiosity. I'd be open with my recent guy-on-guy experiences, then if he wanted to take it any further, it was his call. But I would be lying if I said I wasn't excited about the prospect of getting sexual with him.

Ed lived close to my old town but on the close side, so it took about 1:45 to get there. I was driving down the interstate and found myself stroking my cock lump in my pants. When I got there, I restrained myself and thought about something else for a few minutes.

I rang and he invited me in, then asked, "What do you drink, Pete?"

"Whisky, dark beer, sometimes rum."

"Does JW Black work for you?"

"Sure does. With a splash." Ed poured me a couple of fingers and dashed it with the water. Poured himself one too, neat, then said, "Thanks for making the drive. I have to be in court early tomorrow."

"I figured."

We stood at the kitchen counter and pondered our whiskies for a few seconds, then I asked him, "So what piqued your curiosity, Ed? Or have you always wondered about guys together?"

He smiled and got a wistful look. "Well, I would fantasize about it sometimes. Then it turns out that my last girlfriend really, really loved sucking cock. She would just do me for long periods of time, and I started to wonder what I was missing."

"Made you feel good?"

Ed confided, "Well, yes, but that was strange. She wasn't really good at it, but she did enjoy it."

I asked, "Was my revelation about my relationships with the guys a factor?"

Ed said, "Well, yes. At that time, I'd been single for a while and I was kinda horny, then you told me what you were doing. How did you get involved with them? Did you have a gay history?" "Strangely enough, no. Sure, I fantasized like most guys. The closest I got was a group that jerked off together, years ago. I was tempted to go farther then, but I met my wife and lost interest in a JO club." "I was invited to one, once, but never followed up. So I guess these guys approached you?"

"Yeah. One of them had a hunch about the new guy and invited me to their weekly 'card game'. Which turned out to be much more. I was open to the idea, and we went from there."

Then Ed asked, "Just nosey here, how many guys? How old?"

"We're all 60-plus, retired. I told you about the one guy who was married, the others are a widower and a divorcee."

"And… physically?"

"All kinda medium built. One guy is tall."

Ed paused then said, "Well what I was really wondering was how were they hung."

I laughed. "Oh, like that! You know a gentleman never tells. But I'm no gent. One guy is shortish but very thick, one has the most handsome three and a half incher, and another guy has a very thin eight inch dick with big balls." I thought for a second, then offered, "Plus me. A bit bigger than average, but not huge."

Ed said, "I sure would like to see that." Ok, that's my cue. I set down my drink and turned to face him, and reached for my belt. Opening it then my zipper, I slid my pants down a little and exposed my cock to him. I was starting to get big, so I was hanging nice, and my balls were hanging to match. Ed just looked for a few seconds, then said, "Pete, yours looks a lot like mine."

I replied, "Hmm, now I want to see too." Ed opened his pants and exposed what was close to the twin of myself, except he was already hard. I stroked myself, and it only took a couple of motions to be good and hard. Then I remarked, "Shit, we do look alike." I stepped closer and held my stiff cock next to his. We had the same length, girth and cut head shapes.

I asked, "Did you ever wish you could suck your own cock?"

"Doesn't every guy? But the next best thing is to suck one just like your own."

I disagreed. "When I was young, I could get my head into my mouth. And I can tell you that it's actually better with somebody else."

Ed tentatively reached for my cock, and I stuck it forward as a gesture of invitation. He wrapped his hand around me, and I sighed. He said, "Fuck this feels good."

"Please play with my balls too," I asked. He took his other hand and did that. I moaned at the same time he did. Ed slid his hand up and down my cock, and I reached for his too. Nice, so hard and sexy.

Ed said, "I was serious, I really want to experience sucking cock."

I sat down in a chair and spread my legs, then said, "Be my guest."

"Your cock is sticking up so straight…" Ed knelt in front of me and took my cock in his hand. He brought his head down, and with no hesitation, put my dick head in his mouth. I love the warmth of a mouth on my cock, and it made me throb as it always does. He began to slide down on me. I savored that. He already knew to keep his teeth off and his mouth was getting really wet. All this made my cock really hard. I looked down and saw that he was hard too.

After a few minutes , Ed took his mouth off and said, "What I've been missing!" and went right back down on me. For the next five or ten minutes, he would slide up and down on my dick. I suggested he stop and suck too, and that made me throb in his mouth. Then I told him, "Hey I want some of the action too." Ed came off me and stood up. There was my cock's twin, pointed right at me. I leaned forward and put my mouth on Ed's stiff cock. Fuck this was hot. He was obviously enjoying this, I could feel him throb.

I kept at him, and could feel his breathing get heavier. But I wanted to make this time special for him, so I wanted him to cum last. So I came off him and said, "How far do you want to go with this, Ed?"

He reached down and grabbed my cock, and said, "I want the whole experience, man. Both ways." He got back down on his knees and took my cock in his mouth again. I was getting close and warned him. He came off me for a second and said, "Give me your load. I want it." Then, going back on me he started going faster and sucking harder. "Ahhhh…," I moaned. My balls were churning, I could feel the climax starting. "Ah, ah, ah, ah…" then I went over the edge – and began to empty my cum into Ed's mouth. He kept sucking, keeping all my spunk in his mouth. I throbbed and pumped until I was spent. Ed let go of my dick; I could see him sloshing it around in his mouth, then swallowing. I looked down and his cock was even bigger and harder, and I grabbed it.

"My turn again," I said. I pressed him back so he was laying on the floor and I got between his legs. I got down on him right away. He was so hard! I took it in my mouth and started going up and down on him. He was really turned on so it wasn't long before he began to moan and grunt, and hump up to meet my mouth. He was going really deep in my mouth, even down my throat. Then he humped up once and froze, and I could feel his cock throbbing and that taste of semen in my mouth. He unloaded in me; I held it and sloshed it around on his cock – which made him throb more.

He relaxed, and I let his cock out of my mouth. I finally swallowed his jism and sat back to enjoy the view of his softening cock.

"So Ed, what do you think?"

"I think I'm going to be doing this again. Holy fuck, I loved the feel of your cock throbbing in my mouth, and you give a great BJ, guy."

After unwinding, Ed got out some stuff to eat, then we went for round two. We 69'd a bit, played with each other, then he sucked me off and I did him. He was really getting into it. But it got late; Ed offered to let me stay overnight and I accepted, and I drove back in the morning.

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