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Published on Nov 18, 2015

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"I love
Haiku Deck!! Seriously rocks for creating presentations. 100x more
fun than PowerPoint!"
-Katie Lance

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"Everyone who has seen our slide deck has commented on how refreshingly simple and clean it is. In a conference full of PowerPoint, our workshop was dramatically different! Thanks for making us look good!"
-Mark J.

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"Amazing and simple presentation creator that redefines the process in a way that is tremendously enjoyable" -bwinston, iTunes

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"PowerPoint, Keynote, move over! Haiku Deck is extremely simple, beautifully designed, and best of all, free!"
-arianna206, iTunes

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"It took me minutes to do what I tried to do for hours on PowerPoint." -John James

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"Haiku Deck is the crisp, refreshing glass of water in the sludge of other programs. What makes Haiku Deck brilliant is the lack of tolerance for cluttered thoughts.
It forces you to get to the point, which makes your presentation clear, precise, and more powerful than anything you've made before."
-Neil P., iTunes

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"Haiku Deck is surprisingly simple, easy to share across devices, and something fresh."
-Sean Evangelista

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"A killer presentation is about telling a great story, not covering slides w/ boring bullet points & volumes of text."
-ashminyc, iTunes

"This is a fantastic alternative to PowerPoint. Haiku Deck handles formatting with grace and simplicity."
-bigglasses, iTunes

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"Embrace the simple
Marry image and text
Highlight ideas."
-Danielle Filas

"A breath of fresh air for presentations! The cool and clean design forces you to summarize and be concise: no more PowerPoint essays!"
-Brad G., iTunes

"I started making presentations in Haiku Deck when my wife was at the PC and I couldn't access PowerPoint. Now Haiku Deck is my first choice."
-Dave F., iTunes

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"Great way to make sure your presentations stay simple and on point. No more information overload!"
-sfortein, iTunes

"Far superior to clunky templates in Keynote and PowerPoint, which can easily be overloaded with information."
-Rachel H., iTunes

"Dear PowerPoint: I am leaving you, I just can't take it anymore. I've fallen in love with... an app named Haiku Deck."
-Lisa Buyer

"I've been bullet-pointed to death with PowerPoint... so boring. Haiku Deck will energize your presentation and get people to pay attention to your message." -Tom L., iTunes

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"PowerPoint isn't going to change the world, but I believe Haiku Deck can."
-Susan Spellman Cann

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