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The picture window

Published on Feb 19, 2024

She loves her sexuality and uses it to best advantage. In her late thirties with long auburn hair and a toned well shaped figure she has all the equipment she needs to attract attention to herself. Not only is she beautiful, she is also intelligent and reasonably well off and she looks and dresses classy wherever she goes. She is a communications manager working for a large corporation and she likes to have things her own way. Before leaving her office to walk the corridors, she will tweak her nipples to harden them so that they push out in her blouse and if she is wearing white, she will rub a little rouge on them to make them more visible. She rarely wears a bra and the spring in her step ensures that her tits bob when she walks and they cannot fail to attract attention from the men in the company, and some of the women, but she pretends not to notice their admiring glances.

Her favourite sexual game at work takes place when she attends board meetings. She ensures that she arrives long before the meeting commences and she is the only one in the room. For such meetings she makes sure that she does not wear panties that day and after entering the board room she will stroke herself to be sure her juices are flowing and that her musk steeps the boardroom. She then slides her finger into herself and smears a film of her cunt juice across the edge of the table where she knows each of the men of the board will be sitting. Finally, just before the meeting begins she will again rub her breasts to be sure her nipples are erect and then she knows she has them! The men arrive to put their points forward but find their minds wander and their arguments are flawed. They are not aware that their brain has recognised the sexual scent of her pheromones and converted their behaviour from opposition to support as they, unconsciously, vie for her approval. The sight of them competing for her favours makes her wet more and she has cum many times during such meetings with none of the others being aware what she has done.

Jacqueline is also an exhibitionist. She likes to provoke responses and enjoys the turmoil she puts people in by showing herself. She is expert at teasing to get the response she seeks. She is not malicious with this though, as she does it mainly for fun and enjoys the pleasure her behaviour gives to others as much as she enjoys the feelings it gives to her.

Living across the road from her is a white haired gentleman who she often plays her games with. His name is Frederick and he is much older than her and walks with a cane. They always wave and say hello to each other and she has quite a soft spot for him. In fact, she has contemplated letting him into her soft spot on occasions but, as yet, has resisted that little temptation. She likes to tease with him and he responds by joining in her games. She gives him a special tease each Sunday when she washes her car. She always wears a tight T shirt with nothing underneath and when he appears, as he always does, she leans over the car to let soap suds smear across her chest to make her T shirt transparent. He knows she is doing this for him and he makes the most of the view. Sometimes she holds her hand out towards him and squeezes white foamy bubbles from her sponge so that they drip down her arms and splash onto her tits. Other times she will hold the hose in front of her face and tilt it to take a drink, sticking her tongue out to let the stream play across it and dribble down her cleavage. Frederick’s response is invariably the same, he grins and shakes his head from side to side, chuckles and gives her a wave as he heads back indoors, no doubt to jerk his cock to dreams of fucking this younger woman who lives across from him.

She had done just this earlier and had decided that Frederick was always ‘so sweet’ to her, she would give him a real treat tonight when Marcus arrived.

As Marcus entered he realised she was playing one of her games. She had a huge picture window in her lounge which opened out to the road where people often walked past. He came into the room to see her sitting on a chair, central in the window and about three feet into the room from the glass. This way she was able to control the degree of showing she did, without possibility of someone making a realistic complaint. She was wearing a low cut short black velvet dress which tightly hugged her figure. He saw her stroking her breasts with her left hand whilst she had her right buried up inside her dress and she was moaning quietly to herself.

He walked over to face her and saw that she had raised the dress to give herself full access to her uncovered pussy and she was sliding her middle finger along her slit and then dipping it into herself to swirl it around. "Do you like what you see?" she asked him with her breath coming in shallow gasps. "I’m going to give a show for Frederick, you know, the old gentleman across the road."

"Aaah, yes," Marcus responded watching the juice beginning to drizzle from her pussy and glisten on her finger, "but this show isn’t just for him now is it?" He reached down and dipped his own finger into her and removed it to swirl her slick between his finger and thumb before licking it clean. "I can see you are in a mood to show yourself off to anyone who passes and is able to see you. Do I only get to watch tonight or do I get to fuck you as well?" He moved behind her and put his hands around her waist and then slid them up the smooth black material to cup her tits where he could feel their weight bobbing in the palms of his hands before tweaking his fingers over her nipples to raise them round and hard through the material.

"Look" he said, and she opened her eyes to see a group of four people walking past and the woman in the first couple glanced in. "She can see you dipping your finger into yourself. See how she caught her breath?" and he chuckled at the idea. Jacqueline gasped with the excitement of knowing she had been seen with Marcus stroking her breasts as she dipped her fingers into herself and she came with a shrieking orgasm. The woman nudged her partner and he glanced in and they slowed, with the other couple, almost to a stop to watch her fucking herself. They also seemed to gasp as they saw Jacqueline reach one hand behind her to grasp Marcus’s cock through his material and they could only imagine her sliding his zip down to take his hardened cock into her hand and begin to milk it.

"Do you want to make me shoot my cum so early?" he asked. "Of course not," she purred back at him, "but I do want to feel this lovely thick cock of yours harden in my hand as I get you ready to fuck me." She watched the group through partially open eyes and she smiled to herself as she thought how the men wanted to reach her and fuck her whilst the women wanted to do what she was doing but didn’t have the nerve. She continued to stroke the length of Marcus’s cock behind her and she made sure the passing group could see her arm movements and know what she was doing. She wiped her finger across the slit of his cock and smeared his pre-cum around its head. Marcus was like a rod of iron in her hand and as the group passed slowly from sight, she leaned slightly forwards and raised her dress at the back to give him access. "Let me feel your cock fucking me now," she commanded as her pussy lips twitched open in anticipation.

He replaced her hand with his own and nudged his cock forwards and dipped it below her crack so that it slid along easily between her slicked pussy lips. "Oh, I’m not ready yet to get inside you Jacqueline, I want to feel your slit and your pussy lips first and feel your juices dripping along my cock." He then began to rock backwards and forwards so that his cock stroked the length of her wet lips and brushed the bud of her clit at the end of each stroke. She tensed her muscles and he felt her pussy lips twitch on his rampant cock as they tried to chew on him and pull him into her. "Please Marcus, please fuck me now. Let me feel your hard cock inside me."

Now two young women in their early twenties approached. They were chatting and laughing with each other when they saw Jacqueline and Marcus and their mouths both dropped open at the sight. To reward them, Marcus bent his knees slightly, fed the tip of his cock into Jacqueline’s opening and then slid his full length home into her as Marcus peered over her shoulder at the women and smiled to them. Jacqueline and the two passing women gasped in unison and then Jacqueline cried out, "Oh yes I’m cuming again!" as the tension eased in her once more and she poured her juices down onto Marcus’s cock. Jacqueline was still stroking her clit as Marcus now began to thrust into her. He held her hips tightly and slammed hard, fast and deep as he watched the women over Jacqueline’s shoulder at.

They had now stopped to see this show and one of them rolled her tongue around her lips as if she could taste Jacqueline’s dripping cunt whilst the other, absent mindedly, stroked her hand across her own pussy. They were clearly getting almost as excited as Jacqueline was and Marcus thought of fucking them in sequence after he had finished with her. They could see Jacqueline cum but Marcus could also feel and hear her as she moaned with delight.

"Cum for them" Jacqueline called out "fuck me Marcus and cum for them so that they can see what I have and what they are missing. Fuck me, make me cum again!"

Marcus felt her twitching again and he gripped her hips and slammed into her as he pulled her back onto him. One, two, three, four hard thrusts and he let himself go and began to shoot his cum. "Aaaargh, yes," he cried as he poured it out into her in thick strong spurts and she, in turn, grasped his cock with her cunt walls and milked him hard as she took his spunk into herself. Her knees buckled slightly and her head dropped down to her chest. When she looked up again, the two women were smiling towards her and she smiled back as they blew kisses, waved and then walked away, chatting feverishly to each other.

As they began to relax, Marcus let his cock slowly slip from her hole and it finally emerged to flop beneath her gasping lips which then began to ooze with his cum so that it slid in long rivulets and streaks down the inside of her thighs. "Oh that felt so good" she purred at him, "now what else can I do for you?"

Jacqueline was still tingling from her orgasm as she now turned and dropped to her knees to take Marcus’s wet, half erect cock in her hands and lick her own juices from the head. She rolled her tongue gingerly around it, again and again. Then searching for more of her juice and of his cum, she dipped her tongue to explore the underside of his shaft. "Ummmm how sweet you taste and how slippery and sexy you feel." His cock began to harden again in response to her touch and she glanced out through the window to see the original group of two couples return. They had obviously spoken about what they had seen before and now came back to view properly. As she saw them, Jacqueline tensed her muscles to drizzled cum down her legs again and she knew she wanted to give them another show.

They stood outside watching and the male in the first couple had raised his partners dress at the front and fed his hand inside her panties to feel her pussy whilst the other couple were similarly engaged with the woman having pulled her partners cock from his pants as she jerked him off before Jacqueline’s house.

Marcus also knew what she wanted and he reached down to slide the straps of her dress from her shoulders to bare her milky white tits to the crowd. "Now Jacqueline, show them your lovely tits as well and let them see how proud your nipples are." His finger tips tweaked on her nipples bringing them out like rigid pink pegs and he twirled them around to harden them more. Eagerly she licked some more of his cock, then sliding her tongue slowly back and forth, she raised a little to slide her mouth over his cock's head and ever so slowly take it, inch by inch deep into her mouth. She relaxed her throat so that she could enjoy the full length of his shaft as it probed the back of her gullet. Then just as slowly she backed up and watched as he emerged from her mouth.

She then paused at the top of her climb, with her lips on the very tip of his cock, and she looked up at him for his approval. "Do you like this Marcus? Do I make your cock feel good?" He smiled down at her and placing his hands at either side of her face he took control to push and pull his cock between her lips in short one inch thrusts. He quickened his pace and tipped his head back as he began to cum again and she opened her mouth to give her audience the view of his spurts flying onto her tongue and lips and she lets his spunk dribble from her mouth and down her chin for them.

She turned to look through the window and she saw the woman who was being fingered close her eyes in her own ecstasy whilst the cock being milked by the other woman was spurting long thin streaks of cum over the driveway. When these four had finished their own little experience she watched them sheepishly begin to move away as she dipped her fingers inside herself for one last feel of Marcus’s cum mingled with her own. Across the way she saw Frederick’s shadow move back from his window and she could see the splashed rivulets of his cum dripping down the glass. She knew she had given him the show she wanted and she lifted her fingers to her mouth, licked them and then finally blew a kiss across to him. Marcus saw what she was doing and laughed as he dipped his head to kiss her and taste her juices once more as he dipped his tongue into her mouth.

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