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We are Nancy Chen-Salgado and Edwin Salgado, founders of OfficeNinjas. (Yes, we're married!)

This is our story.

The OfficeNinjas Story

Published on Nov 18, 2015

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Our Story
We are Nancy Chen-Salgado and Edwin Salgado, founders of OfficeNinjas. (Yes, we're married!)

This is our story.

Where we started: GroupBookers

We actually got started as the founders of GroupBookers, an online platform that allows you to easily book room blocks and meeting space at hotels.
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Our customers became our
Most of our users were executive assistants and office managers. We got to be friends with many of them,


We were amazed at
and time and time again, we were amazed of the amount of work they do.




We started to think of them as Office Ninjas.

And whether your title is Office Manager, Office Admin, Admin Assistant, Operations Manager, Facilities Manager, or Executive Assistant, you are all Undetected yet Powerful Office Ninjas.


Sound familiar?

After all, every single one of you is an Office Ninja.


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appreciation event.

We held an
To thank them for everything they do, we decided to throw an appreciation event for admins in Silicon Valley.
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to showcase their products.

We invited Silicon Valley companies
For the event to be as beneficial as possible, we invited other tech companies to attend and showcase their products and services that would make admins' work lives easier.
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All we can say is....wow! It was a huge success. Everyone enjoyed learning about the latest technologies and mixing & mingling with other Office Ninjas from the area.

"An important new resource

for assistants who want to stay marketable, relevant, and indispensable."
Here are a few things that people had to say about the very first Office Ninjas Tech event.
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"I've learned about so many different services

that make my life and work easier and more fun!"
It's all about sharing what can make things easier and more fun!

"Mingling...learning about the best tech tools...

raffle prizes...it's a win-win!"
Everyone goes away happy!


what admins need."
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More Cities!

OfficeNinjas on tour
Admins from other cities requested events of their own, and so far we’ve had the pleasure of putting on events in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, NYC, Santa Monica, and now Seattle.

More Partners!

We've had some great partners to help spread the word. IAAP Alaska-Washington chapter really helped spread the word about tonight's event.
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More Content!

OfficeNinjas Blog
Emails came flooding in from around the world - We want more OfficeNinjas! So we started our blog, for those who were not able to attend an ONT event. Office Ninjas began to contribute blog posts and share with others.
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The Need Was Clear:

Collaborative, tech admin community
After listening to the community it was clear that there was a need for a collaborative, tech admin community.


Where admins and tech meet
So it became official -- OfficeNinjas is *the* place where admins and tech meet.

We are not just users of tech,

We are builders of tech.
And, we take the building part seriously. After all, Edwin is an engineer.
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Online OfficeNinjas Platform

Coming early 2014
In fact, we're excited to be rolling out an online community, with the first feature being a community-curated directory of software, products, and services.

Starting early next year, you'll be able to share products and services you use, and communicate and collaborate with other Office Ninjas online.

OfficeNinjas Movement!

Be part of the
There are lots of ways you can get involved, and we hope you will!

For example, you could contribute to our blog site; join the OfficeNinjas review board that reviews blog posts, products, or services; or be early users of our pre-launch platform and be part of the team shaping the platform to be the best it can be.

Stay informed and connected at http://officeninjas.com!

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