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the nucleus

Published on Nov 18, 2015

The Nucleus


the nucleus

By: Tatiana Jaramillo and Denis Omeragic
Photo by Exothermic

Organelle Information

  • Stores the cells DNA
  • Coordinates the cells activities such as, cell division, and protein synhes
  • Nucleus is surrounded around a nuclear envelope, which separates the nculeu
  • The cells chromosomes are stored in the cells nucleus 
  • Only complex cells known as eukaryotes contain a nucleus
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Animal Cells & Plant Cells

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Nucleus Fun Facts

  • Nucleus can contain about 2 meters of DNA 
  • Largest organelle in animals
  • Contains a double membrane (nuclear envelope)
  • Within the nucleus is the nucleolus where ribosomes are made
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Without the nucleus there would be no order!

 Make the right decision and vote for the organelle you can't live without!
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