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The Miracles of Jesus

Published on Nov 21, 2015

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The Miracles of Jesus

Photo by Sean MacEntee

Healing Miracles

Mark 2: 1-12
Photo by AlicePopkorn

Jesus Heals a Paralyzed Man

  • Jesus returned home and word spread that he was back.
  • Many people gathered and crowded outside.
  • 4 men came, carrying a paralyzed man.
  • They had to lower the man through the roof on his mat.
  • Jesus saw the faith of his friends he said : "Son, your sins are forgiven."
  • And the man got up and walked, caring his mat with him.
Photo by Will Montague

Commanding the forces of Nature

mARK 6: 45-52

the great catch

  • Jesus was in a boat with Simon
  • Jesus told Simon to cast the nets over the other side of the boat.
  • Then the nets caught so many fish that Simon had to call for his partners.
  • The two boats almost sunk with the great burden of fish.
Photo by paul bica

Raising the Dead to Life

John 11: 12-14

Jesus Raises lazereth

  • Lazereth was one of Jesus' close friends.
  • He became very ill, but Jesus could not come to heal him.
  • Jesus came, four days after he had died, and went to his tomb with Lazereths' sisters and wept.
  • Then he told them to open up the tomb and Lazereth walked out, unwinding his cloths.
Photo by rishibando

Casting out demons and evil spirits

MARK 5:1-20
Photo by Faugel

healing THe demoniac at gerasenes

  • Jesus came to the region of Gerasenes and an unclean man came.
  • Jesus said, “Come out of that man, you unclean spirit!”
  • He cried out, “Leave me alone, Jesus! My name is Legion, for we are many.”
  • He begged Jesus to send them into the great herd of pigs on the hillside.
  • Jesus gave permission and the unclean spirits came out and went into the pigs.
  • The herd rushed down the slope into the lake, and two thousand were drowned.
Photo by Ron Dauphin