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The Mini Company

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The Mini Company a visual presentation created with Haiku Deck, free presentation software that's simple, beautiful, and fun.

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  1. the mini company monetize your blog by desiree -



    Keynote - the HIVE Berlin, May 25 2013 (A short summary)

  2. hello berlin hello berlin ...... meet

    2. Hello berlin

    HELLO BERLIN ...... Meet

    Vosgesparis - Amsterdam based Interior Design blog. Founded in 2007 and written by Desiree. A daily inspiration for ideas on decorating with minimal color and maximum style. Next to Vosgesparis I blog about my own city at and occasionally do some styling work and writing for magazines.

  3. from ideas to a new concept the masterplan

    3. From ideas to a new concept

    The masterplan

    Some pictures of my home. For about 2 years I transformed room after room of my apartment. Thinking on how to pay the extra bills I thought of offering bannerspace on my blog.

  4. is my blog ready to accept ads ask yourself

    4. Is my blog ready to accept ads

    Ask yourself

    I was pretty unprepared by then and learned a lot along the way by reading lots of articles and talking with fellow bloggers. Looking back at it I think it would have been easier if I knew some things before. Next to this visual presentation that I showed at the HIVE along my talk, I added some extra notes Enjoy!

  5. 5. Is your blog ready ?

    • Does your blog look professional
    • Do you have original content
    • Do you have good pictures
    • Do you blog regulary
    • Do you have an audience

    Why would an advertiser choose your blog? - TAKING CARE OF YOUR BLOG - Find original blog material, post at least 3 times a week, be personal now and then. Take a look at your blog, what is the first impression? Take off unnecessarily things, are your links working? Etc...

  6. build an audience facebook twitter instagram pinterest workshops blogger conferences

    6. Build an audience

    Facebook twitter instagram pinterest workshops blogger conferences

  7. 7. Build an audience

    • Face book & Twitter
    • Instagram
    • Leave comments
    • Pin your own pictures
    • Go to blogger conferences

    Make friends online, read other blogs, leave comments, make a Facebook account. Go to Blogger conferences and meet up with other bloggers, do workshops to become better within your niche, tweet, and Instagram to show more of yourself and your real life. And pin the pictures from your posts to your Pinterest boards to be sure they show up with the right link to your blog.

  8. build a social network around your blog facebook twitter

    8. Build a social network around your blog

    Facebook twitter

    be sure to include some share buttons under each post.

  9. show the person behind the blog instagram

    9. Show The person behind the blog


    Show who you are in real life. Your readers love to see the person behind the blog. Join me on

  10. some of my own pinterest boards pin your own pictures

    10. Some of My own Pinterest boards

    Pin your own pictures

  11. install a pinterest button make it easy to pin

    11. Install a pinterest button

    Make it easy to pin

    Look online for a script to get a pinterest button on your pictures. Making it easy to share for your readers

  12. join me on pinterest/vosgesparis     lets connect

    12. join me on pinterest/vosgesparis

    Lets connect

    Join me on Pinterest!

  13. follow your passion - who are you get noticed in the mass

    13. follow your passion - who are you

    Get noticed in the mass

    Become the best you can.

  14. 14. Stand out in the mass

    • Be unique and authentic
    • What do you love?
    • What is your passion?
    • Focus on your niche
    • Let them find you

    Just be yourself and only blog about what you really love.

  15. is it the right moment to start know your numbers

    15. Is it the right moment to start

    Know your numbers

    Get a counter installed on your blog that not only shows you the number of pageviews but also the number of unique visitors. I started accepting advertisers when I had around 45.000 unique visitors a month (pv 75.000) But also if you run a blog in a very small specific niche you can still get advertisers. I have a friend who gives out free patterns for children clothes She sews them and makes pix with her child wearing them. She was approached by advertisers of fabric and sewing materials.

  16. what to think of before accepting be prepared & get organized

    16. What to think of before accepting

    Be prepared & Get organized

  17. 17. Be prepared

    • Know your numbers
    • Be choosy
    • How much to ask
    • You are in charge
    • Make a press kit

    It is important to protect your blog and your ideas - don’t take advertisers on board you do not feel comfortable with or really like. Decide for yourself what you think is the right price for an ad on your blog. Sticking to your plan really is a lot easier for yourself to not end up in endless discussions. Remember it is your blog you are in charge Think along with your advertisers but you don't have to accept. everything.

  18. show you are a professional make a small press kit

    18. Show you are a professional

    Make a small press kit

  19. 19. Make a small press kit

    • What do you offer
    • Numbers unique & pageviews
    • Followers & readers
    • Past and future
    • Don't make promises

    A press kit is nothing more than a sum of numbers and other things to tell your potential advertiser why you think it would be a good idea to advertise on your blog. By having your press kit ready you are showing you are a profesional. You can make it as fancy as you want but keep it small and ask them to mail you if any more questions. who is reading your blog - where else did you perform the last months/year What are your plans for the future... are you gonna be in magazines or is there another exciting project that will bring more traffic to your blog.

  20. you now run a mini company congratulations

    20. You now run a mini company


  21. 21. You run a mini company

    • Make a little banner
    • Make a FB page for your blog
    • Search for advertisers
    • Keep records
    • How about taxes

    Add a little banner to your site so potentional advertisers know you are offering advertising space Make a special page for your site / up to you how much you will tell Make a page for your blog on facebook / twitter and let know you are taking advertisers It is up to you if you want to write companies yourself or just wait and see what happens. Inform yourself on how to deal with taxes and the extra income you are earning. keep track on your earnings. Keep it legal!

  22. go out - travel and connect find new advertisers !

    22. Go out - travel and connect

    Find new advertisers !

    Go out and find advertisers

  23. travel to other countries il salone del mobile

    23. Travel to other countries

    Il salone del mobile

    Make your own business cards and bring them with you when you travel

  24. find inspiration in paris you never know who you will meet

    24. Find inspiration in Paris

    You never know who you will meet

    You never know who you will meet and where to find inspiration for new blogposts.

  25. additional advertising product review giveaways sponsored posts

    25. Additional advertising

    product review giveaways sponsored posts

    Next to offering banner space you can find other opportunities.

  26. 26. Additional advertising

    • Product revieuw
    • Give away - more traffic
    • Sponsored posts-linkbuilding
    • Advertisers want the best deal
    • What's in it for you

    Once you are a running ads you will get emails from different companies or individuals working for companies that want their company name to be linked with your blog. Be sure to feel comfortable with the brand or product you are gonna write about. And be sure to know what your client is expecting from you and what he can expect from you (and what not) look whats in it for you and be always honest to your readers.

  27. or.... connect with an agency

    27. Or.... Connect with an agency

    Connect with a company who take care of your adverts. There are lots of companies who work with bloggers and will do the business part for you. They will deal with advertisers and find them for you Passionfruit Offers you the possibility to add buttons to your blog and let advertisers directly buy from there.They handle the business part but you are still in charge on what ads to run on your blog. is a new Dutch Blogger network

  28. be the star of your own show go out and find new possibilities !!

    28. Be the star of your own show

    Go out and find new possibilities !!

    Some bloggers become a brand of their own and have developed their skills through years of blogging, traveling, meetings and workshops or study. They have become real specialists in design or styling and have a strong opinion. They are asked to write books or star in TV Shows or online events. On the left a picture that can be found in Northern Delight A book by Swedish blogger Emma from On the right, Nina from during an online styling session for IKEA.

  29. do you have a special talent be creative !

    29. Do you have a special talent

    Be creative !

    If you are a blogger with an amazing talent for crafting, cooking or designing..... you can do something with it. Be creative and think of ways to do something with your talent. If your readers keep telling you they love what you make then open a an Etsy shop to sell your products. You already got the audience! Sent your design, postcards or posters to magazines, they might use them in their styling or write about you.

  30. make a sketch and become a designer creativity and personal expression

    30. Make a sketch and Become a designer

    Creativity and Personal expression

    Make your own design and get it in production.

  31. open a webshop next to your blog you have the audience

    31. Open a webshop next to your blog

    You have the audience

    You already have the audience and a blog to write about it!

  32. blogging for your webshop find a talented stylist & photographer

    32. Blogging for your webshop

    Find a talented stylist & photographer

    If you run a webshop with an additional blog, Invest in good product pictures. Find a talented Photographer/stylist who makes amazing pictures. Your shop and name can end up for free in a printed magazine who chose the picture because they really love it. Pictures are picked up by bloggers and on pinterest. You will have free advertising and a good looking webshop.

  33. don't work for free when you are asked to speak or write

    33. Don't work for free

    When you are asked to speak or write

    When you first start blogging and get asked to write a guest post or to share your pictures you might feel really honored. But there is a difference between writing for a good cause or a fellow blogger then for the printed press or big companies.They love to work with bloggers who are willing to work for free. Working for free is not fair towards other bloggers who need to make a living. And you are worth more, always ask what their budget is.

  34. if you work really hard and you're kind amazing things will happen

    34. If you work really hard and you're kind amazing things will happen

    This is a quote I have on my desktop for some years now. I always believed in being kind and hard working. I celebrated my 5 years blog anniversary in New York where I was invited on a sponsored blogtour by I think there was no better way....

  35. bloggers are the rockstars of the future thank you and see you soon on

    35. Bloggers are the rockstars of the future

    Thank you and see you soon on

    A Dutch newspaper had an article on bloggers with the headline saying: Bloggers are the popstars of the future! Rock on!

  36. 36. (No header)

    • thank you.....
    • Emma Fexeus,Line Klein,Nina Holst,AnoukB,Poggenpohl,Elle Decoration, 
    • H&M,Meet the blogger,El Ramla Hamra,Paulina Arcklin,Gundrun Arndt
    • Pelle Hedeby,NLXL,THerese Sennerholt,Annaleena Karlsson,
    • TineK, Marjon Hoogervorst,Hannah Lemholt

    Photo by Dr. RawheaD

  37. this presentation can be found online


    This presentation can be found online