The Magic Formula

Published on Sep 01, 2020

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The Magic Formula

The Five-Paragraph Essay Evolved
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What do  you know?

The pieces of a five-paragraph essay
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The Hook

Oh the pressure! 
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Just get started

  • State something general about the topic.
  • Write a few sentences to give some context/background.
  • Set up the significance of the topic.

Thesis statement

  • States the points that will be covered in the correct order
  • Uses thesis language
  • Explains the "so what"/ purpose of the essay
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  • Indicate to the reader you are moving forward
  • Helps connect ideas for the reader
  • Gives a sense of organization and flow to the content
  • Adds length!
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Body Paragraphs

  • Repeat the formula
  • Add supporting evidence/research/details
  • Give examples
  • Make connections

The Myth

Turn Five Paragraphs into 500 pages
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Keep the Flow

Don't forget to transition between points
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The Secret to Longer Papers

  • Include more details, examples, research
  • Add quotes!
  • Add block quotes!
  • 60/40 rule
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Come to a Conclusion

  • Don't just repeat the introduction
  • Restate your points in a new way
  • Add a perspective that the reader should have now that they've read your paper
  • A-HA!!! moment

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