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The #hungryworms story

Published on Nov 18, 2015

We believe stories are for sharing. Our creator Darren Gormley shares his experience of depression & how Hungry Worms came to be.


The #HungryWorms Story

@hungryworms hungryworms.org

My name is Darren Gormley

creator of @hungryworms

I'd like to share my story

it begins during a difficult time

There's no easy way to say this

but depression left me broken
Photo by FranUlloa

From the mask of professionalism

to needing care myself
Photo by Nick Fuentes

I was absolutely terrified

so i hid
Photo by DWRose

My only refuge?

the four walls of my one-bed flat
Photo by fabbio

I wanted to tell friends

i just didn't know how

Until one day i discovered

others had been down this road before

The more i shared my story

the more people said "me too!"
Photo by e_cathedra

It made me feel normal

even the peculiar parts of me
Photo by dandy__lions

I learnt the value of stories

the magic of sharing
Photo by runintherain

So i used my time in recovery

to create a social space for sharing stories

I invited locals to join me

the @hungryworms adventure began
Photo by mdavidford

Send a book on a journey

@hungryworms hungryworms.org
Photo by MistoAcrilico