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The fuchsia blue coaching approach

Published on Nov 22, 2015

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The fuchsia blue
coaching approach

Coaching practice is underpinned by extensive
organisational experience
& academic study

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Coaching Clients:

  • Private, Public & 3rd Sector Leaders
  • Individuals in career or life transition
  • People seeking a new perspective
  • People seeking new outcomes
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  • To unlock personal & transformational change
  • To generate strategies for success
  • Offer long term impact through a short-term intervention
  • To find the heart of the underlying issue
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Coaching Approach

  • Enabling change through conversation
  • Listening, asking
  • Questioning assumptions & assertions
  • Staying curious
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Simplifying Complexity

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Encouraging brave new future actions

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Flexible - not stuffy
Client led - not process driven

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Coaching Relationship

  • Central to success
  • Two way, co-created
  • Based on trust, integrity and commitment
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We start here:

  • How do you learn?
  • What are the most important themes for you right now?
  • What outcomes are you seeking?
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We continue here:

  • Working with emerging themes
  • What are your experiments and actions?
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