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The Evolution Of The DJ

Published on Nov 30, 2015

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Evolution Of The DJ



The DJs equipment is the foundation of their success as all of their music comes from the turntables, drum machines, and various computer programs and software. These elements ultimately allow them to then put their own musical taste into mixing beats, vocals, and melodies using electronic instruments to create the upbeat, soulful music that unites the crowds.

Also, while the disco era was peaking, there was the development of larger records and discs to allow extended mixes of the original song


Originally, EDM was surfaced by competing AM and FM radios as an emerging mainstream sound formerly underground and being experimented with by the "garage" and the quickly developing technology.

Barry White was the originator of the disco movement as he released the popular hits known as "Love's Theme and "Never Gonna Give Ya Up"

This disco era soon evolved into a more broad EDM era in its self as one giant culture that surrounded the idea of House music and its many sub-genres including acid house, dubstep, trap, progressive house, deep house, chill step, etc.
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As the technology and sounds reach a more broad limit to the possibilities of creating EDM, there become more and more possibilities regarding the actual creating process
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Electronic Music was not simply restricted to House and Disco, for the DJ movement was very prominent in the rise and overall golden age of hip hop.

Turntablists such as Grand Master Theodore and DJ Kool Herc revolutionized the movement with elements such as scratching, crab-scratching, and slipcueing records to create a subculture of hip hop production.

Rather than 130-150 bpm's , hip hop/rap used slower more r&b rooted sound and mood using a slower 80 bpm.


While the formal disc jockey has been existent ever since the discovery of dual turntables in the mid 1900s, the evolution of the Electronic Music culture has undergone transformations we wouldn't have been able to imagine 60 years ago.

From the garage to the radio, to illegal raves to full-packed shows, to music festivals around the world, the DJ has formed a whole new culture of spiritual and musical connection that unites humans based on the mutual appreciation and love for Electronic Dance Music.
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