The Dirty 30: Thirty FREE apps & websites for classrooms, schools & districts

Published on Nov 18, 2015

There are over 700 Apps & Chrome extensions that are being introduced a week! Who has time to figure out what works? This is version 7.0 of all of the latest & greatest that are FREE and EASY TO USE in classrooms, schools, and district-wide​.


The Dirty Thirty:
*version 7.0*

30 FREE Apps, Extensions,
& Websites for
Classrooms, Schools, & Districts

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follow along & share on your wireless device (cAsE sEnSiTiVe)

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policy = regulation

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Our world today: 2019

700 apps STILL come out every WEEK!

1) Rocketbook Wave

A notebook you can re-use by nuking it in the microwave     

2) 1600

Learn about The White House from a dollar bill via AR.           

3) Stop, Breathe & Think

5-minute videos based on students picking an emoji on how they feel! 
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4) Nickelodeon Avatar Creator

Bitmoji for kids; great for google/ SN logins    
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5) AdBlock

Removes all ads: pre-roll video ads, text & banner ads.  
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6) Cashivity

Real world math & financial literacy problems. Free. 
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7) EmojiBalls - measure classroom noise via your computer mic & screen (balls, emojis, eyeballs)!

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8) Auto Highlight

1Think T-L-D-R, but auto highlighting sinstead
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9) Speak and Translate

Speak into the app and have it translated into over 30 languages. Vice versa! 
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10) Dualless

 Create a split-screen on one computer (not 2 screens).
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11) Noisli

 Channel peace-n-love on demand.

12) Quiver

Print, Color, turn it into Augmented Reality 
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13) Proton Mail

Servers in Switzerland; 3 levels of encryption. Free 
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with apps for the iPod & iPad
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Friends don't let friends give worksheets.  
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16) Trello

Think Pinterest, but not being distracted by Pinterest 


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18) AlphaText

 Switch any online text to any online font and color.
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19) Name Picker - Boardwalk Wheel!

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20) Chrome Experiments

See what students all over the world are creating with chromebooks 
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21) Comics Head

Create comic storyboards & comics - for free! 
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22) VoiceIn

 Text-to-speech speech typing for text boxes on websites.
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23) Google Oceans

Think google maps, but underwater: 
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24) CybraryMan

Categorizing the Internet for 18 years! 

25) Turn Off The Lights

Dim everything on the page so you can watch just the video! 
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26) Mercury Reader

Take out all of the garbage and just have text! 
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27) ZooKazaM

Bring the zoo to you...literally. Or dinosaurs. 
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Make the gaming connection with your students 
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Draw arrows on photos on your phone

29) THIS 
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30) ChatterPix

Make ANY PICTURE talk on your phone w/ your voice!

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