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The Digital Physio Clinic

Published on Nov 20, 2015

As the pressure mounts for physiotherapists to make their clinics more efficient, we take a look at some of the key considerations for installing a paperless/paper-light system


The Digital Physio Clinic

Considerations for Selecting an Electronic Management System


Bringing Digital Media to Health Professionals....

As the pressure to go paperless (or, paper light) mounts..

We look at some considerations for selecting a new system

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1. Workflow for Administration Staff

Appointment Scheduling

  • Are appointment structures customisable for each practitioner?
  • Can you send/receive SMS appointment reminders?
  • Can you SMS practitioners their start times?
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Appointment Scheduling

  • Is search predictive?
  • Does it allow search by different input fields?
  • How intuitive is its 'wait room' feature?
  • Does it allow for online bookings to integrate?
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  • How comprehensive is billing?
  • Does it link to HICAPS/Medicare/DVA?
  • Integration with your financial software?
  • Can you view outstanding fees?
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  • Can you view different reports/stats?
  • Does it integrate with an online store?
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2. Workflow for Clinical Management

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  • Does it meet the needs of different practice types in your clinic? (i.e. physio, medicine, podiatry, massage, etc)
  • Can you compartmentalise patient files? (i.e. notes, imaging, referrals, etc)
  • Can you scan in past paper-based histories?
  • Will you write with a stylus or type your notes?
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  • Does it link direct to imaging and pathology systems to access scan results?
  • Are templates/dashboards customisable for different practitioners?
  • Can your doctors prescribe from within it?
  • Does it give access to MIMS online?
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  • Can you import/export documents? (i.e. text, audio, video)
  • Can practitioners view appointments in real-time?
  • Can patients be emailed directly from the program?
  • Is it easy to print from the program?
  • Does it integrate with exercise management software?
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3. Hardware

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  • What memory is required?
  • What processor speed is required?
  • How much hard drive storage will each computer/tablet need?
  • Battery life of your units?
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  • Cloud vs server?
  • How does it back-up?
  • Will you lease or buy the hardware?
  • Do you need to upgrade your wifi?
  • PC or Mac?
  • Security of your units?
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4. Software

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  • How competitive is pricing for the program?
  • Can you login off site?
  • Number of concurrent users allowed?
  • Upgrades (type? frequency?)

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  • How user friendly is the program interface?
  • Program security?
  • Support (is the company local?)
  • Is training offered?
  • Is the online help useful?

Final Thoughts..

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  • Don't underestimate cost
  • Be mindful of how long a system like this can take to install
  • Are your staff enthusiastic or resistant?
  • What level of tech literacy do your staff have?

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  • Don't under utilise training sessions
  • Security is important
  • Do your research
  • Give the process time for settling in
  • Lastly....

Consider drawing up a spreadsheet listing the considerations in this presentation and next to each point indicate "Level of Necessity" (i.e. must have, good to have, bonus function,
not applicable)

Any further thoughts??

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